5 Airplane Etiquettes to make Flying a Breeze

Posted by Rubina Parveen on December 20th, 2019

Flying with a crying baby as your seat partner or with a person who doesn’t share the armrest is a little problematic. You are already at high altitudes, and things like this can easily ruin the whole journey for you. At some places, you will not have to worry too much about these problems, and one of these is Etihad Airways. Where the hostesses are doing all they can to provide you with the best service. 

Flights can also be the place where travellers feel extremely uncomfortable and would love to be rescued from. On top of this, the flights we pay for are rather expensive. Well, Etihad is not such an airline. They have top class customer satisfaction records. You can also use coupon codes from Barakatalan to help you book cheaper tickets. But before that, here’s what and what not to do on a plane.

Seat Reclining

This is a very simple rule that not many seem to understand. When you’re taking an overnight plane, you shouldn’t take the liberty to recline when you want. Check whether the person behind you also has their seat reclined, If so, go ahead and get more comfortable, if not, ask them whether you can push your seatback. Book on Etihad, which has ample leg room using Etihad Promo Code for a cheaper ticket. 

Aisle and when to use it

When you’re boarding a plane, quickly stow away your carry ons in the overhead cabins and take your seat. Some airlines may have smaller overhead cabins, but not Etihad, book with etihad airways promo code UAE from Barakatalan. This will fetch you big discounts. Don’t crowd the aisle either. Another big no is throwing trash on the floor/aisle. Do not do it.

Phone - brightness and notifications

When you’re using your phone, especially when it's night time, do not use it on high brightness settings. This is a huge disturbance for others. You should also keep your phone on silent so that sudden notifications don’t alarm or startle anyone. 


Keep your children in check 

Traveling with children may not be the best experience for you and for those around you. Kids are loud and messy and most of them don’t know how to behave in such a situation. As a parent, you must do all that you can to help your child’s journey easier for them, and also ensure that they aren’t a nuisance for your co-passengers. On etihad, the air hostesses will also be of great help here. Book now with etihad discount code for your next trip. You can consider giving them a quiet activity to engage themselves in as well. 

Don’t blare music

This isn’t limited to music, don’t blare anything out on your speakers. People aren’t very appreciative when your music or any other audio is played unwantedly, so don’t be that person. Use headphones instead if you’re listening to any audio. 

It can be tricky knowing what you can and can’t do on an airplane. Just keep it as a rule of thumb that you won’t do anything that you wouldn’t want someone else to do. Book ok etihad airways for a seamless flight and travels. 

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