There are 50,000 more gun shops than McDonald's in the US

Posted by Peter Smith on December 20th, 2019

Nearly a week after shooter Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 people and injured 489 others on the Las Vegas Strip, details have emerged about his gun-buying history. In the past year, Paddock purchased 33 hand guns, most of them rifles. He owned more than 40 firearms.

It's legal to own that many guns in Nevada, which has resisted efforts to tighten firearm laws in recent years. It's not only relatively easy to get a gun in Nevada, it's also easy to find a firearm dealer. Statewide, there are approximately 505 federally licensed gun dealers as of September 2017.

That number may sound high, but gun stores permeate every US state. They are integrated into suburbs, towns, and cities across the United States — even moreso than McDonald's, coffee shops, grocery stores, 7-11s, and pharmacies.

To put things in perspective:

In the US, there are approximately 50,271 more gun stores than McDonald's. Specifically, there are 14,146 McDonald's (as of December 2016) and 64,417 firearm dealers nationwide (as of September 2017).
There are approximately 32,927 more gun stores than coffee shops (31,490 as of December 2015).
There are approximately 39,017 more gun stores than grocery stores (25,400 as of December 2016).
There are approximately 54,017 more gun stores than 7-11s (10,400 as of 2017).
There are approximately 3,578 more gun stores than pharmacies (60,839 as of 2014).
We define gun dealers according to two ATF classifications: "Dealer in firearms other than destructive devices (including gunsmiths)" and "pawnbroker in firearms other than destructive devices." If we were to include gun manufacturers, collectors, and importers, the national figure would be higher (132,799). Gun dealers would outnumber public schools (98,000 as of 2014).

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