Still Christmas Shopping? Try These Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Posted by Willow Tree on December 20th, 2019

If you are still doing last-minute Christmas shopping, it can be hard coming up with ideas for family and friends. For those who like leaving shopping until the 11th hour, here are a few gift suggestions for your loved ones so you can have peace of mind and avoid rushing around.

Figurative Sculptures

Figures are an ideal way of expressing the bond between you and your friends or family. A figurative sculpture depicting two girls clasping hands is perfect for a gift between sisters, while a woman holding a baby under a quilt is ideal for a mother or grandmother. An older man holding the hand of a toddler is perfect for a grandfather. A man sitting with a girl or sitting with a boy draped over one shoulder is great for dads. 

Family Groupings

Jumping off the idea of figurative sculptures, instead of choosing small pairings in the family, create a family grouping to represent everyone in the house. It can be a representation of personalities, memories, or even familiar gestures. With two or more figures posed together in a group, it can give the appearance of the figurative sculptures interacting, turning toward each other, and touching as families do. Whether it’s parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, or siblings, family groupings make a great, sentimental gift. 

Nativity Set

nativity set is an enduring symbol of Christmas. It makes a fantastic Christmas gift that can be added to over time, creating an ongoing family tradition and heirloom. Choose a high-quality set that reveals the humanity of the Holy Family through their expression and gestures. A nativity set that will fit any space and opens figurative sculptures up to interpretation allows the recipient to place the Holy Family and other figures as they see fit. It can be built symmetrically or with a specific focus on the Holy Family. 

Wall Plaques

Does the recipient still have bare walls in their home? Try wall plaques. Choose one with a carved bas-relief for a three-dimensional piece of art that expresses friendship and kindness. Is the recipient an animal lover? Find plaques depicting a person with a dog, cat, or horse for a gift with an engaging statement for any pet owner. 


Looking to fill a spot in your recipient’s Christmas tree? Consider giving them figurine ornaments. Whether it’s a woman holding flowers in a sign of friendship, a wire-winged angel dancing in the air, or an angel making the sign for love, there are options for any recipient on your gift list. They can carry an expression of friendship, love, hope, or inspiration into the holidays. 

About Willow Tree®

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