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Little Information on Sabal Palms

Posted by palmtreedepot on December 20th, 2019

Do you know what Sabal Palms are? Well, there are many people who have less idea on these trees. Sabal Palms, generally called as cabbage palms, usually grows on a single trunk with a height of 50ft and sometimes 70ft. The crown of the tree comprises of fronds with a diameter of 18ft. Usually, the fronds of these trees are green or yellowish green in colour. Apart from this, there is much other information on Sabal Palms and it includes the following.

  • Foliage growth

The fronds of these palms do not have crown shaft. They usually grow directly from the trunk. Beside the trunk, the base of the leaf of these trees remains in a crisscross pattern that usually reaches the ground. On areas where there are no leaf bases, the trunk has an appearance of fibrous brown color and when the tree becomes aged, the area itself becomes smooth and grey.

  • Leaf Base

In the shed of the leaf base, usually there is an accumulation of debris and thus forms an area for the growth of ferns. Sabal Palms that are meant for landscape usually have orchids on their bases.

  • Flowering

During midsummer, in the crown of these palms, inflorescence appears. The measurement of each stalk ranges from 4-5 ft. And when the cluster forms maximum length, it starts drooping.

  • Fruit Production

The fruits are black, round in nature. Each fruit is in the diameter of 1 inch. There is a seed in each fruit. The fruit is a popular food for birds, raccoons, etc.

  • Seedlings

The seedling usually gets accumulated at the base of the trees. They are easily transplanted.

These trees have the capacity to tolerate strong winds. It strives in sunlight. It is salt tolerant, drought tolerant and can withstand sandy and dry regions.

As these trees are used by people for landscaping purposes and other purposes, they have a great demand in North Carolina and South Carolina. Would you like to buy Sabal Palms? If yes, then contact Palm Tree Depot. It is a reputed firm that deals with Sabal Palms. It offers an in-house transportation dept. It accepts a minimum order of 20 Sabal Palms at each. The staffs are dedicated, polite and can deliver your product at the committed time. If you wish to know in detail or to place your order, click here in this link at

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