Different types of ferroalloys and their uses

Posted by Andy on December 20th, 2019

Ferroalloys are iron alloys where there are proportions of other elements such as silicon, manganese, chromium, aluminum¸ zinc, molybdenum, etc. Mostly they are used in manufacturing steels and alloys. Different industries need ferroalloys for running their manufacturing units. Though it is an iron alloy it has distinct and diverse features, different from iron.

Producing ferroalloys is an ever difficult task job though nowadays, different types of machinery have manufactured to support the production of alloys. The key consideration is the mixing ratio. The proportion in which the elements are mixed is very crucial to determine the quality of alloys. And steel industries have the demand for premium-quality ferroalloys. So, choosing an experienced ferroalloy manufacturer is a must.

Previously, blast furnaces were used for producing high-carbon ferromanganese. Now, improving the quality of the elements, electric furnaces are used in industries. Electric furnaces are more competent and they can produce ferroalloys, rich in quality. Also, manufacturing bulk ferroalloys, electric furnaces are good to support. Reputable ferroalloy manufacturers use advanced infrastructure to meet the requirements of clients.

Different sorts of ferroalloys are produced throughout the year. They are Ferro chromium, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, silico manganese, Ferro boron, Ferro molybdenum, ferronickel, Ferro aluminum, etc.

Here are some important kinds of ferroalloys described below:

Ferro Manganese

Iron and manganese are the main elements in creating ferromanganese. When it is added during the steelmaking procedures it helps in lowering the liquefying point of steel. The combination of manganese oxide and ferric oxide is mixed and heated with the presence of carbon in an electric arc furnace or a blast furnace.

Silico Manganese

In steel industries, silicomanganese is used as an alloying element. It works as a de-oxidizer and sulfide former. It needs to produce other manganese alloys. In making stainless steel, it is also used as the substitute of nickel as nickel is an expensive metal. It is formed from manganese-rich slag. India exports 75% of silicomanganese to other countries. A reputable and experienced silico manganese manufacturer Kolkata produces premium quality items and sales across the world as a huge amount of silicomanganese is exported from India.

Ferro Chrome

The best part of the ferro chrome alloys is used in stainless steel creation. The standard chrome content in stainless steel is 16-18%. Ferro chrome has diverse applications in the manufacturing fields. Manufacturing carbon steel, special alloy steel, and stainless steel, this is used. Ferro chrome is highly demanded in foundries. Making drills, hand tools, mobile cranes, and mining instruments, this ferroalloy is used popularly.

Ferro silicon

Ferro silicon or FeSi is a very power-consuming product. It needs almost 3 times of power or electricity compared to silico manganese and ferromanganese. So, the production of ferro silicon is costly and there is a little high in the price of the element. This type of iron alloy is also needed in the steelmaking industries. It has different grades and according to the requirement of clients, a leading ferro silicon manufacturer Kolkata supplies elements.

There are many ferroalloy companies in Kolkata. they not only produce bulk ferroalloys every year but they offer high-quality alloys at reasonable rates. With the help of the internet, you can choose the best manufacturer of ferroalloys.

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