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World is full of meat lovers, it can be in the form of fish, beef, chicken, mutton, etc. But when you ask the majority of people there choice of eating meat you will be amazed to find out that 70 percent of them are beef lovers. People enjoy consuming beef in various ways such as beef burgers, beef steak barbeque, enjoying beef ribs, beef kebabs, etc. Beef is the most demanding component of livestock industry which is accelerating day by day, the chefs and cooks are introducing new mouthwatering dishes of beef in their daily television programs, this ultimately is increasing the need of beef consumption more than the normal routine. 

No doubt, huge demand in beef has resulted in high supply and distribution generating high revenues to the livestock business owners and livestock companies but on the other hand it has made very difficult for beef businesses to manage and handle livestock business. This is where beef traceability comes in, technology has derived solution for every problem, similarly, beef traceability is a system designed to store the data of an animal or group of animals It contains a set of information, such as identification number of the cow, confirmation of cow whether alive or slaughtered, current location of the cow, etc.

Beef traceability is booming in today’s world making easier for the livestock industry to manage and keep track of the cow from the time it is born till the time it is slaughtered and supplied to the meat shops. The best thing about this system is that it is designed in such a unique way to maintain the flow of daily production without loss, shortage and fulfilling the consumer essential needs. Furthermore, beef traceability plays a vital role at the time of production adding value to farmers and meat industries offering them with various features and techniques in order to promote and increase their production. 

Moreover, many software houses and information technology companies are now working on designing and making the beef traceability system work smoothly by introducing more features and launch mobile app making it easier for the livestock businesses and owners to see the performance and activity performed on a daily basis just on their fingertips. The solution providers visit livestock farms, communicate with farmers about the cattle and visit slaughterhouses to get more accurate and efficient ideas for beef traceability. Following are some of the beef traceability benefits that can be beneficial to the livestock industry:

1. Animal Management

Helps to diagnose the cause of disease in the cow and offers measures to eliminate it in best possible time by providing information such as, animal identification and feed consumption products used to feed the cow. 

2. Increased Market Reach

Beef traceability plays a vital role in bridging platform for livestock businesses to get diversified market reach in order to fulfill the consumer’s need meeting the business requirements.

3. Improved Operations

It offers livestock businesses with improved operation eliminating errors, minimizing labor cost and enhancing automated data collection systems to generate effective results.

4. Inventory Management

Offers businesses with effective communication by tracking and resolving issues as they arise enabling the flow of inventory management to carry out smoothly.


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