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Posted by wangqing on December 21st, 2019

A prime illustration old school rs gold of just how deluded and prejudice folks are about this particular sub.Time and time again I see people cite RS3 stinks because it has low runescape playercount. This is a way of judging a match. As of typing this, there are approx RS3 and 73k OSRS. Hundreds of thousands are being now pulled by A number of the top games. Does this logic imply OSRS and RS3 are skip trash since they have lower runescape playercounts?

I know I am gonna get downvoted into shit for this but there's nothing realistic about the older version either (except possibly the helmet). Just like the hell are you expected to move in that matter? How is it even remotely possible to bend or twist your torso at all because chestplate? The long and short of this is, you would be about as portable as a statue in armour.

Now look at the version cuz it is also awful. Those shoulders, you'd have next with something like this, like wtf. The legs have the exact same problem around the knees the osrs model does, how are you really gon na flex your legs? It looks like"maybe" it's separate plates, allowing some motion. The chain within the groin means there's likely no actual plate there congratz! You're able to walk! Still can't do much concerning raising a defense or swining a sword, however!

Speaking of defenses, it might be the only upgrade OSRS Gold here. While it's obviously made entirely from metal and couldn't possibly be light enough to be practical, it's at least smaller, and a more historically accurate silhouette, though only just barely. But hey, why am I even bothering? These versions were made almost 8 decades back and are very obsolete by RS3's standards, so they are not exactly a prime example of armour layout in RS3 anyway.

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