Or Even Feasible To Be An Independent Contractor In China?

Posted by Liz Seyi on December 21st, 2019

One might have imagined that as one of the world’s undoubted emerging superpowers, China would see the benefits of making itself easily accessible to foreign investors and talent to assist in its continued growth.

Alas, while such other economic giants as the United States and Japan have increasingly embraced the use of independent contractors, this labor model has not won similar favor in China.

This can be attributed to Chinese labor laws that strongly encourage companies to directly employ workers, not least due to the requirement for such direct employees to contribute to the country’s social insurance program. 

So, if you are such an independent professional and have contemplated an opportunity in China as your next big move as a contractor, is it worth persevering with a country that would seem to be so hostile to the very principle of contracting?

The world’s most populous country is also one of its most captivating

Putting aside concerns about your chances of actually securing legal and stable openings as a contractor here, China will always be a fascinating corner of the world for independent professionals from the West.

You may spend much of your own time away from work here immersing yourself in the diverse landscapes, architecture and cuisine of this East Asian country that so deftly combines the finest of both old and new.

The unforgettable Great Wall of China is certainly one reminder that China was one of the world’s earliest civilizations. However, there are also so many other time-forgotten settlements and landmarks to discover, as well as – of course – the bustling metropolises that epitomize the surging powerhouse that is China today. 

We can make it easier for you to manage your affairs in China

As notorious as China may be for its less-than-welcoming attitude to contracting as a model of work, the fact remains that rewarding opportunities do exist in the country for such independent professionals. This is largely due to the country being one of the most candidate-short in Asia, characterized by high pay inflation and staff turnover.

Those from abroad who do obtain work as independent contractors in China tend to be highly qualified in their field, and usually perform their roles for foreign-owned multinationals instead of Chinese-owned companies.

To work in mainland China, however, you will need to have a work permit sponsored by the employer in China. As one of the most trusted PEO Firms around the world, here at Link Global Management, we can provide the assistance and information that could be instrumental in enabling you to lead a fulfilling personal and professional life throughout your time in the country.

 Contact our capable and experienced team now, and will soon be able to learn about the part that PEO firms like ours can play in unlocking the sometimes unnoticed opportunities in jurisdictions – like China – that may otherwise seem less than friendly to contractors like you.

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