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Each industry is linked to specific trends which is especially true on graphic design, marketing and, of course, web design. We can track a lot of changes in the development of websites. You can create quite unique pages. But if it doesn’t follow the trend, a person is recognized unfashionable, and the site is uninteresting.

Adaptive Design

Adaptability is one of the key requirements of web design. The web page should be readable and visually appealing on any screen or part of it. The focus will be on mobile phones firstly. They are used for surfing the Internet no less than computers and laptops. The browser window mode, which is often used to simultaneously view multiple web pages, is also considered. Any elements may disappear from the screen when we change its size. But some of them should take on a different look, becoming readily available. So, the key component of the web page on the phone is the “Menu” button, which will allow you to go to:

  • Personal account
  • Shopping cart
  • Pricing info
  • Help
  • Main sections of the site

Push Notifications

It is unpleasant to see a message from the site in the corner of the monitor while working or watching movies. Notifications can be blocked, which will eliminate their annoyance. But on devices like a tablet or phone, they are often useful rather than unbearable. Most sites are already asking the user's permission to send notifications.

Motion Design

One of the most trivial examples of motion design is adding GIF-animations to familiarize with the main characteristics. This way of presenting information is much more efficient than textual or even pictorial. The advantage of GIF over video is fast loading time. Most complex ideas can be transferred in a short amount of time using GIFs. They will definitely interest the user, which will make them stay on the site. GIF works in any browser and smartphone, which is one of its key benefits.


Artificial Intelligence is the next emerging trend. Users often turn to support with questions of all kinds. Chatbots are programs designed to imitate a conversation that currently is being developed and improved, becoming more like people. They collect a base of constant questions and in the future immediately respond to interested users. The advantages of chat bots are that they are cheap, respond instantly and are available 24/7.

White Space

One of the principles of logo design is the use of “white” space and is an effective way to attract attention. Under the white space means the area between the design elements, as well as the space inside some elements of the web page. It is also important to understand that, contradictory to the original name “white space”, space should not be exactly white. It can be any color, texture or even a background image. The essence of white space is that it carries no semantic meaning.


This trend is very often combined with white space. However, minimalism is a broader concept. It involves simplifying the interface in several ways:

  • Hidden navigation bar
  • Minimum of colors
  • Lack of additional details
  • Minimum of buttons

Nexibit Solution Pvt. Ltd’s passion for design goes beyond stunning imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where we believe good design should solve problems and place a brand so it stands out as well as stands for something. Our creative team is adept in technical skills but also have the following differentiates that gives you the right partner in Nexibit for your Web Design needs.

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