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Honor Loved Ones this Holiday Season with Remembrance Gifts for Yourself or Othe

Posted by willowtree on December 21st, 2019

If you or someone you love is feeling the loss of a person who passed away, the holidays can be a difficult time. During the Christmas season, memories and traditions are felt more keenly in their absence. However, it’s also a chance to remember them in a loving way. Keep in mind that hope can be found everywhere you look, especially during the holiday season. Here are a few ideas to keep in good spirits, find some peace, and honor your loved one at the same time.

Continue Past Traditions

Keeping with a sense of tradition provides comfort for some as a way to hold onto favorite memories of a lost loved one. Cook dishes they excelled at making. Play family games together. Watch their favorite movie. Identify a couple of ways you can continue to honor them during the holidays. Family traditions are what the holidays are all about.

Begin a New Tradition

While it’s understandable to hold onto old traditions, it’s also a good idea to start a new one. As the years go by, families grow and change. Introducing a new tradition might be a welcome way to honor a late loved one. Talk with others if there’s something new you’d like to incorporate.

Buy a Comforting Gift

Memorial gifts are a way to express feelings without having to say a word. A thoughtful figurative sculpture or angel ornament can serve as a tangible reminder of the people and memories we want to keep close to our hearts. When words are sometimes hard to say, choose a meaningful sculptural figure that expresses emotion through gestures, hand placement, or a tilt of the head. Choose one for yourself or others who may benefit from a little gift.

Share a Favorite Holiday Memory

Simply acknowledging someone by sharing your favorite memory or funny anecdote about them from the holidays is a nice way to feel connected to them and others who loved them. Creating space to grieve, laugh, cry, and share stories about loved ones is a normal and acceptable part of life and the grieving process.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Some people would prefer to quietly express themselves through journaling. Writing out your feelings instead of keeping them buried inside sometimes helps with the grieving process. You may even feel a weight lifted from the experience of journaling your thoughts. Don’t worry about crafting the perfect sentiment—just write from the heart.

However you choose to honor a passed loved one, whether it’s through bereavement gifts, journaling, starting new traditions, or recognizing old ones, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the spirit of the season with those who are still in your life.

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