Reasons of Using Node JS for Your Web Application Development

Posted by jonesbrianna on December 21st, 2019

These days maximum of web developers worldwide are giving first priority to Node JS for their web application development projects. This Node JS is cross-platform and runtime platform based JavaScript language and fulfilled with inherent features, it is an absolutely excellent choice for building ongoing applications. Besides JavaScript language, it also allows web developers to build web servers as well as networking tools. Also, the applications which are developed in Node JS will be able to run on different servers including MS Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS. In this way, it governs the real-time web application space by utilizing push capabilities over the web sockets and attachments. So, with Node JS development we can get real-time web applications with two-way connectivity, it means both client-side and server-side can interact and also can freely exchange their data.

Here are some important reasons that you must have to follow for the development of your next web application project:

1.      For Supporting Agile Development: By utilizing the JavaScript V8 engine of Google Chrome it has remarkable and outstanding running speed. It also gives extra benefit to the programmers because the coding is running faster which was written by them while developing. In this manner, it simply speeds up any framework and the main thing developers need to do is to compose codes cautiously or carefully and the applications will tail them later. 

2.      Beneficial in Data Streaming: Node JS is a better source of data streaming. Whether in normal web platforms, HTTP requests and platforms are considered as separate events, but they are definite data streams. With this feature, developers can gain some great advantages like file processing no matter if its uploading is still in progress. This will help in saving the time of processing to a significant amount and such advantage helps developers when they are involved in encrypting real-time audio or videos. 

3.      Viability and Effectiveness: Node JS has already demonstrated its effectiveness as path-breaking technology, that allows developers to do coding for both server-side and client-side. With this feature, the transformation and synchronization of data between both the ends are easier. And its effective single code base feature helps the developers to save a lot of time. 

4.      Support in Sharing with Node Packet Manager (NPM): NPM acts as a storehouse for the developers and helps them to provide highly effective solutions. NPM is an inbuilt feature of Node JS it helps developers for sharing, updates, and also can reuse codes with great ease. Along these lines, by considering this feature Node JS framework offers a robust and determined solution for the developers with its packet manager. 

5.      Solution for Database Queries: The solution of the database queries for the most recent NoSQL databases like Mongo DB, Couch DB, etc. these rely on JavaScript for which developers are no need to put more efforts for balancing syntax differences while merging Node JS and NoSQL databases.

There is no uncertainty in Node JS for the best fitting in real-time applications. In your past, if you are stressed over using low-level web sockets or protocols now as it lets you develop real-time applications with great speed of Node JS. According to the business perspective, it has an incredible number of advantages, so it is difficult for companies to avoid Node JS for their upcoming web application projects.

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