Five Advantages That You Should Use A Desktop Computer

Posted by Catnip on December 21st, 2019

Nowadays, the usage of Desktop or PC (Personal Computer) seems to be decreasing. Due to the convenience of a notebook Including the entry of new technology equipment Such as tablets and smart phones. However, many types of applications still have to rely on desktop computers. PC has many advantages over notebooks as follows:

Performance is higher than Notebook.
It is known that desktop computers are more efficient than many laptops, and can play heavy games for longer because the notebooks are used to play games for a long time. There will be heat and the engine will twitch. But desktop computers do not have such problems. In addition, some operations such as video editing Graphic operations that require high resolution, etc. These jobs require a PC because it will make work faster and more efficient. To discover more info about slimming down, you've to check out website.

Price compared to the specifications, cheaper than a notebook
In the same amount of money to be paid But you want a computer with high potential Desktop computers are more value for money than Notebooks, such as CPUs, processors, video cards, hard disks, RAM, monitors, motherboards, all of which have higher specifications than laptops of the same price. Various applications Better and with more stability But if it is a notebook Various hardware These will have less spec or performance than that in terms of design. Nowadays, many brands are competing to design a desktop computer to look beautiful, slim, and compact. From the past, many buyers have complained about design or size. Right now, don't worry.

to upgrade devices and hardware It is known that desktop computer hardware can be disassembled more easily than a Laptop because the manufacturer designed the user to be able to upgrade the hardware by themselves, such as if you want a CPU processing chip. With more strength We were able to buy a new model with better performance and replace it. Or if the hard disk does not have enough space to use Can buy and add more Even other hardware such as RAM or video cards can be easily replaced as well. Even if we find that the computer has a lot of heat. Able to install additional cooling fans.


Easy to repair and maintain
Because desktop computers can disassemble hardware devices or parts Easier than a notebook If any problems or damage occur Therefore can be easily removed for repair Including easily removable for cleaning In which parts and equipment are always cleaned Will last longer than equipment that is not cleaned Because the cooling of the computer will improve The device does not cause damage. Therefore can use longer Of course, it helps to reduce the cost of having to buy new equipment as well. On the other hand, if the laptop is repaired, maintenance will be more difficult. Because some devices are difficult to remove and clean Resulting in the accumulation of heat Causing the device to deteriorate quickly.

Durability is more than a notebook
Desktop computers are more durable. If compared to notebooks Which is quite fragile and the fact that Notebook can be easily moved or portable to use in many places, increasing the chances of damage or damage to internal devices easily.

Nowadays, computer manufacturers compete with both desktops and notebooks. There are many models and specifications to choose from. To choose whichever model or model to use Must consider the purpose of use as the main, if using a lot, heavy use requires durability Should choose to use a desktop computer Which will be able to use it worth the money paid.


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