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Posted by Taimoor on December 21st, 2019

With the advancement in technology, it becomes easy to create any website with the assistance of content management system. Within the era, you'll easily make your online presence without even hiring web developers. Word Press, Protestant Drupe and lots of other content management systems allow you manage your website without using any codes. The hosting provider is usually essential to host your site and obtain your website online. But once you are willing to launch multiple websites it's essential for you to urge a fanatical server.

A dedicated server is safer and efficient in making your website run smoothly. There are many hosting providers that are digital marketing agency Melbourne and in many other countries. To host multiple websites with the dedicated server it's essential for you to follow the rule discuss below.

The primary Step:

When you decide to host multiple websites with a fanatical server you'll roll in the hay either with Apache HTTP or Ginning web server. You would like to map both the DENS together with your host. Remember that mapping both the domain names required for mapping should be registered before you're taking this action. The concept to possess multiple websites on one instance is named Virtual Server. Basically, the virtual server configuration is defined because the web server configurations and supported the server/IP address, and an invitation to respected document root is forwarded.

Configure Virtual Host in Apache:  

The Apache Http server must be logged in to require further step. The foremost essential part to configure virtual host is to require backup. Attend apace cone location. You’ll find it in default installation /etc./hatted/cone/httpd.conf.  

Making the File/Directory Structure:

It is important to form a file or directory structure before you're taking any longer step. To host multiple websites with dedicated server it's essential for you to make sub-directory for your two domains. The directory is important because it hosts your site data and while using Apache you'll create a sub directory. The Apache look for the web site under path, but you would like to expand this so as to form the sub-directory. There are different commands you'll run on the window to expand the directory and make the sub directory. The highest two commands you would like to use are

Change Ownership:

The most essential step to host multiple websites with a fanatical server is to vary ownership of the directory. Changing directory is important to permit the present logged users to switch files. The command you would like to use is Shown command to try to this with syntax. The grant read access to the directories you created above will make sites public ally accessible. This will assist you to form your two websites served correctly within one server. Remember to use the codes and commands perfectly to urge obviate the hurdles.

Restart The Server:

You need to restart the server after you had created a backup and alter all the configurations and settings successfully. While restarting the server confirm you've got changed the worth for the server domains and had taken the important steps as listed above.

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