Is Your Marijuana Addiction Killing You? - The 3 Biggest Myths and Details You S

Posted by Alizashiakh on December 22nd, 2019

I've usually found that there's an extremely slim range between the reality and fables about weed. I suppose it's significantly related to how some other myth or misconception is born. Persons hear points, probably just half-truths, then they go this information onto somebody else (with a couple of added extras), and it isn't well before it's impossible to inform the huge difference between truth and real myth.

Here is the precise reason I needed home improvement blog to write this article today...I wish to add one to the 3 biggest fables and 3 of the greatest factual statements about weed:


1) Weed is recognized to cause permanent head damage - Let's get one thing straight, we realize that the marijuana addiction may hinder a person's thought process and their judgement, but this certainly not constitutes permanent head damage. There have been numerous clinical reports carried out on marijuana and its effects, and we are today conscious that using large and potent quantities of weed will cause anxiety, paranoia and even temporary psychosis, but these are all short-term problems.

I will openly acknowledge that smoking weed may cause for you creating extremely bad choices, which can have a significantly bad affect your daily life, but, this is not at all as a result of harm to your head, but mainly because you are too high to learn any better.

2) Marijuana isn't addictive - Once more, permit me to collection the history straight - Marijuana Dependency is very real! Perhaps weed isn't as extremely addictive as much other drugs, but it's very easy to become psychologically influenced by pot. If you are simply a periodic cannabis smoker you should discover cutting it from your life very easy, but, the actual issues start once you smoking weed more frequently.

There are various marijuana withdrawal indicators that many persons never, actually experience, but I would danger a reckon that their marijuana consumption hasn't been an everyday habit for most years. No matter what anybody tells you, there is any such thing as marijuana addiction.

3) Weed will not do me any damage - I'm sorry, but this is simply not true. I will cover more of the physical features you should be aware of under, but marijuana addiction may cause for some extremely believe psychological practices. As I've mentioned, weed can hinder your judgement and decision-making, and regrettably this can lead to permanent problems.

A prime exemplory case of this could because of being under the influence of weed you determine to have unprotected sex. Therefore can lead to possible sexual diseases or perhaps a potential pregnancy. Now do not get me wrong, an ill-informed decision like this can be made by anybody anytime, although the odds are much larger if you're not thinking straight.


1) There's a greater threat of having a coronary attack - It's been projected that for an hour once you have smoked weed, you are 5 situations more likely to have a center attack. Unfortunately, this is as a result of enhanced degree of chemicals in your body, which often can have an effect on your own body force and certainly your heart.

2) There's a greater threat of cancer - Marijuana has many chemicals, many of which I'm certain you have never heard of, and weed smoking is considered to be doubly potent as that of cigarettes. Thus, you primarily are increasing the danger of cancer. Smoking marijuana might also cause numerous breathing connected illnesses and diseases, since it is recognized to destroy the lung areas at a far faster rate.

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