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Posted by william on December 22nd, 2019


True Vibes Media: Tampa, FL (Dec 21, 2019) - Many people believe that it is impossible to overcome certain troubles in life, and that real success is only realized by an elite few. However, every once in a while someone is able to defy these odds and rise above the ashes to become something great!

Some say it’s not possible to conquer certain troubles, and that some people are meant to succeed whilst some genuinely are not. Nonetheless, each occasionally human beings like Stephen Munson prove this to be false. Who is exactly is Stephen Munson? Stephen is a partial owner of one of the fastest growing internet marketing companies and communities online called Heal, LLC. 

Stephen has managed to overcome sixteen straight years of drug and sex addiction, homelessness, bouts of depression, a 0k debt and really low credit score. He managed to take all of his past experiences and hopeless circumstances and turn them into an online business destined to help thousands of people in similar situations to break free and become the absolute best versions of themselves. 

At its core, Heal seeks to create community, encourage education, and explore holistic methods for healing and staying strong. It is a faith-based community based upon the 7 Fundamental Principles of Life and offers solutions that help people heal the body, mind, soul and spirit. 

“I've spent the last 10 years of my existence as a full-time virtual nomad. I struggled for eight years to succeed. I started out my business with just .71 in my pocket, and in a matter of 10 years, I have managed to gross over one million dollars. I believe that both a community and company that prays together, stays together.” Stephen states.

Stephen and his brother Paul Munson run Heal Worldwide, which is based out of the original Heal house in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Mr. Munson is very active in his online community and has an uncanny ability to bring out the absolute best in everyone that he comes across. He runs the Discover Heal group on Facebook and his #1 rule is to know your A, B, C's. No Arguing, no Blaming and No Complaing! Discover Heal is all about providing solutions and moving forward. 

He also offers a suitcase coaching membership, which is definitely worth it's weight in gold. The suitcase coaching membership elevates you to the VIP (Very Important Passenger) status. As a VIP, Stephen not only teaches you how to effectively transform your life in every aspect (body, mind and spirit) but also gives you access to your very own professional, powerful, marketing system to help you build & grow your remote business online virtually on auto-pilot. Heal offers some of the best quality products that we have seen when compared to other digital marketing companies. These products include impactful apparel, transformational courses and exclusive state of the art health products based out of Thailand that come with over 40 years of research and have been shown to assist people with insulin or immunity-related health issues. 

One of the greatest reasons why Stephen created Heal stemmed from his wish to travel the world and have a remote reliable business that would enable him to share his story and make an impact in people's lives so that they too could have an emotional, spiritual and financial breakthrough just as he did. 

“I have now traveled to over 50 countries, assisting digital nomads from all over the World and from every age (12 to 82) set up their very own remote transformational online business.” Stephen says.

"Mindset and emotional mastery are super important when beginning your online business. Doubt and insecurities are the most common reasons that people don't succeed. This is why I have created one of the most powerful and supportive communities online; to help eliminate this hurdle,” explains Stephen. 

Stephen’s next project consist of publishing his book called “It’s Worth It” in 2020, elevating a brand new group of members, the Heal Youth and supplying VIP members with the education necessary to uncover and begin living their life's true purpose. In addition, Stephen has a dream to help 1000 households earn an extra 0,000 in 12 months. Well that sounds good to me! And maybe, just maybe that household could be me or you! To learn more about Heal and follow Stephen Munson on his Heal journey visit www.healvip.co

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