Tips To Calculate the Optimal Viewing Distance of Your Showroom LED Screen

Posted by James Spencer on December 22nd, 2019

So... what's the optimal viewing distance for your direct showroom LED display? Well, to estimate it properly; all you need to know is the 'Pixel Pitch.' This denotes the shortest distance of one centre pixel to another centre pixel.

The general word of mouth indicates every 10 feet for 1.0mm pitch. This means that for 1.5mm, the distance should be 15feet, for 2.0mm, the distance ought to be 20 feet, etc.

LG – a leading name in the industry have launched their direct-view LED screens, and as per them, the viewing distance isn't 10 ft. for each mm, but 3.5 feet per mm. Henceforth, the house of LG states that a good 2.0mm LED display will look good 7-feet away and this formula applies for other large-sized LED screens both for commercial endorsements or home installations.

Other prominent sellers of rental LED screens in Sydney for both commercial and residential customers state that- 1.5x the pixel pitch (in metres). This means that a 2mm pixel pitch screen should be 10 feet or 3 metres away.

Why Is This Pixel Pitch So Important For Large-Sized LED Screen Users?

The whole point of using large-sized LED display screens is to capture the minds of their customers and compel them to take note of the advertisements put up for them. Pixel pitch serves importance as it directly correlates with the display and appropriate viewing distance. This means that the lower the pixel-pitch, a viewer can stand that much closer to the display and still enjoy wonderful hi-resolution.

Most shopping malls or showrooms across Sydney invest in big screens to regularly introduce their branding approaches. With the help of both indoor and outdoor LEDs, they look to turn as many heads and arrest as many eyes as they can. But if the distance of their screens is not appropriate, then they miss out on attractive passers-by (which they could have turned into potential customers).

Using giant LED screens and digitised billboards for showcasing dynamic content is one effective strategy to garner attention. And, it is also a strategy that has reaped lots of benefits in terms of getting new customers from the open market.

But all of that will go to waste if the viewing distance of their showroom/set-up LED is wrong.

Finding the Right Supplier For Your Showroom LED:

Now that you are clear about calculating the optimal viewing distance, another crucial aspect is securing your showroom LED screen from a trusted seller and rental provider. A top-rated supplier of showroom LED screens in Sydney will specialise in both indoor/outdoor and commercial screens (from P5, P6, P10 and even more).

Their advertisement screens will come with lots of appreciative add-ons such as USB, power cables, socket, switch, HDMI/VGA and even Intel player remote. All you need to do is plug and play in front of your targeted audience and allow them to be impressed with hi-res dynamic content.

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