How to install a handbag lock

Posted by hw on December 23rd, 2019

MYJOY focusing on high-end luggage production to provide high-quality hardware accessories. Our lock is not only suitable for fastening two pieces of leather, but also suitable for the decoration part of the luggage. As a professional hardware accessories manufacturer, we would like to tell you some knowledge that how to install handbag locks.

1. We will install the "turn" button first. Interface and pad out the bag front piece. Even if the front of the bag has been misconnected to the side (ws), it is a good idea to further strengthen the locking area by adding another square fusible interface (I prefer to weave the fusible interface for the bag process). It is strong and suitable for all fabrics. Iron a layer of fusible wool on top of the fusible joint square. This will expose the lock area to form a good tight fit and create an attractive "fullness" around the lock.

2. Mark the desired position of the twist button on the fabric sheet in front of the right (rs) bag. Press the twist button, then press the pins into the fabric to create two dents in the fabric so you can see them more clearly, and you can pass over the dents with a pen.

3. Apply a twist button - use a stripper and carefully cut two small seams in the newly formed pins. Push the splitter into all layers. Push the twist button pin into the gap in the rs bag fabric.

4. Push knob pins into crevices in rs bag fabric. Turn the fabric of the bag over to the ws. Push the button firmly into the fabric, then slide the washer onto the pin of the button. Press the button into the fabric as you push the forkhead down with your thumb/screwdriver. This ensures a tight fit and produces noticeable fullness in the fabric around the buttons. If the width of the gaskets is greater than the length of the pins, I tend to push the pins down, but if the pins are longer than the width of the gaskets (as shown below), I tend to push the pins down on each other.

5. Mark the position of the torsion plate on your bag/wallet/clutch cover - I prefer to install the locking front plate at the end of the bag structure because male and female markers (in other words, lock and hold markers) do not always marry as they should (there's a joke!). . To complete the package, follow these steps to install the front panel. As shown, carefully draw a cross at the top of the center of the twist button using the vanishing mark.

6. Place the flap on the twist button and mark where the flap lands on the twist button. The ink on the twist button should be transferred very clearly to the clamshell lining fabric.

7. Mark front panel holes and screw holes - loosen front panel (keep screws in a safe place!) And take off the back of the board and place it vertically and centered on the newly made cross mark. Draw and mark the screw hole around the hole as shown. Note the way the hole center is tapped - for this purpose.

8. Cut or punch the front plate hole into your flap - I used this oval hole punch from the fab 39pc hole punch set - quick and easy, perfect! You need to use a punch that is slightly larger than the hole to be cut. Punch the lining side of the baffle. If you cut the hole to the same size or smaller, you'll have a nightmare time fitting the front plate to the flap. If you do not have a punch set, use small scissors to punch holes in all layers. Punch the screw hole with the awl. After drilling, trim all stray threads and check for wear at the original joint.

9. Assemble the tightening plate onto the bag lid - clamp the fabric bag lid between the front and rear of the front plate (in the hole you just made). Working on the lining side, tighten one of the screws (not completely). It is easier to screw in a screw if one end of the screw is passed through the hole in the cloth.

10. Add another screw - again, do not tighten the screw completely. Now, use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pull the fabric away from the board (thus removing the ugly edge of the fabric hole from the board). Tighten both screws when all scattered fabric fragments are no longer visible. It's all done. How gorgeous the lock looks!


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