4 Tips That You Should Follow To Get The Perfect Diamond Ring

Posted by diamondsdubai on December 23rd, 2019

As they say, “Love knows no language till the time your heart tells the story” holds true by all means. When you decide to take your bond of love to the next level and pop out the question to her, you have to select the perfect ring. When you give her a piece of your heart in the form of a ring, you have to make sure that makes the right fit. There are chances that you have already begun your search by reaching out to the best shop offering diamonds in wholesale in Dubai, you should consider some things before buying them.

Remember to follow the following tips to get the ring that you want-

1. Check the ring size- First things first, since your loved one will wear the ring all her life, you need to be sure of the size of her finger. For some, it may mean that the element of surprise will not be there, but there are other ways. If you do not want to go and ask her ring size, you can get her a regular ring or an accessory and then check which one matches the size. After you are sure that you have the right size, you can then convey the requirements to your jeweler

2. Look at the characteristics of diamond- There are different designs and materials which make the diamond. You can start your ring-hunt by considering the 4 Cs- carat, cut, clarity and color of the diamond. These may seem easy to choose, but you need to know about them in detail. For instance, looking at the cut of the diamond will decide the degree to which it will sparkle. The color of the diamond refers to its clearness with D being colorless and Z being Yellow. So, remember to make the smart choice.

3. Search for metals that go along- After you have finalized the size and the gem that will go in the ring, you need to look at the options of metals which will go along. If we go by the beliefs, then yellow gold is one of the most common metals which are used in engagement bands. Some of the other options include white gold and rose gold. You can go with white gold since it is more durable and resistant to scratches that are present on the ring over time.

4. Consider your budgetary requirements- Even when you have set all things up, you need to remember the ring that you have to buy fits in your budget. You will be spending a fortune on the perfect diamond ring, but remember to check the amount that you can shell out. This can be made easy when you decide your budget and convey it to the jeweler. Once the jeweler has information about your budget, he will show you the ring options which fit your budget well.

You can check out the websites of the loose diamonds in wholesale and ask the jeweler to give you the perfect engagement ring.

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