What is the difference between the fuser film sleeve and the fixing roller

Posted by sere on December 23rd, 2019

What is the difference between the fixing film and the fixing roller

What is the fuser film sleeve

Fuser film sleeve is a special high-temperature resistant film used by a copier or printer for fixing during copying or printing. Fixing is the process of fixing an unstable, erasable toner image on the copy paper to the paper, usually, through fixing After the component is heated, the toner is melted and then penetrates into the deep layer of paper fiber, which is the effect of copying or printing.

What is the fixing roller

The fixing roller is commonly known as a heating roller and is one of the components of the fuser.

Copiers of general models have two upper and lower rollers. The upper rollers are mostly hollow and are heated by heating lamps. The tubes of high-quality fixing rollers are mostly pure aluminum materials, and the tube walls are thin to ensure effective heat transfer. The lower roller is commonly known as a "rubber roller" with a metal member in the middle and a thicker high-temperature resistant silicone rubber on the outside.

Difference between fuser film sleeve and fixing roller

1. There are one or two or more heat lamps inside the fixing roller for heating so that the characters are fixed on the paper.

2. There is a ceramic sheet inside the fuser film sleeve. After the ceramic sheet is electrically heated, the text is fixed to the paper through the fuser film sleeve.

3. Most copiers and printers on the market use fixing rollers. A small number of machines use fuser film sleeves. For example, some printers and copiers in Canon use fuser film sleeve, and all HP printers use fixing membrane.

4. The biggest difference between the fixing roller and the fuser film sleeve is the large power consumption of the fixing roller, slow preheating, long preheating time but long service life. The fuser film sleeve is just the opposite.

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