Gifts for the Organized Person in Your Life

Posted by TOOT on December 23rd, 2019

The holiday season is finally here! As you’re running around looking for gifts, you’ll likely notice how your loved ones each fit into different categories. From your college friend who lived off ramen and now runs a food blog to your mom who lives for funny cat pics, we all have our thing.

Chances are you probably know someone who has it all together—almost to an annoying level. They have a list for everything, and everything always has to be just so to keep it on schedule. Even though it can be a joyful headache to travel with them, they keep the trip in line. This holiday season, here are a few fun, cute gifts to celebrate their dedication to organization.

All the Small Things

Earbuds, lip gloss, bobby pins—what do all of these have in common? They love to wander off just when we need them most. Lost in-between car seats. Lost at the bottom of a tote bag. Just plain lost everywhere—it can be a real vibe killer. Luckily, some genius way back when came up with the humble pencil pouch and crafty people have been putting a colorful spin on the cute pencil pouch ever since. Your loved ones can keep their traditional pencils in their new pouch—or throw in some candy and trinkets. Whatever it is, keeping track of their little stuff will be way easier.

Pencil Us In

Some of our friends are almost impossible to nail down for a happy hour. They’re doing big things, so we can’t blame them, but if you want to give them a not-so-subtle hint that bottomless mimosas are long overdue, get them a new planner. Life’s too short to be using blank, boring legal pads to keep track of things, so snag one with colorful patterns and pictures so they can plan their days in colorful style.

Down to Business

Time to get down to business. Every rock star needs a desk set to crush their day. Increase their productivity, and keep them from having to ask Nance in accounting for a stapler every other day, with a colorful desk filled with every tool they’ll need. Plus, it keeps everything organized, which will make their little itemized heart happy. Don’t go with just any desk set—browse around for some bright and envy-inspiring desk sets online.

One To-Do at a Time

Ah, the almighty to-do list. Is it ever checked off completely? Probably not, but this list that stays in limbo between “omg, I have so much to do” and “I could probably get one more thing done” basically runs some people’s lives. Your friend is always crushing her list. So much so, she could probably use a new notepad, detective style, for when she blows through her current one. Plus, with fun covers and bright pages, she’ll love to use it daily.

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