5 Reasons to Give Your Baby Swimming Lessons

Posted by ortegalaw on December 23rd, 2019

It's hard to argue with the fact that babies taking swimming lessons is incredibly cute. As adorable as it is, however, does it serve a purpose? The answer is an indisputable "Yes!" If you're considering signing your baby up for baby swim lessons in Los Angeles, here are a few reasons why it's beneficial to the development of your child.

1. Reduce the Risk of Drowning

While having a baby swim under the age of 1 is beneficial, there's no evidence it reduces the risk of drowning. There is evidence, however, that swimming lessons may reduce the risk drowning in children over the age of 4. It may also help between the ages of 1 and 4, but the evidence is less conclusive.

2. Improved Cognitive Development

The sophisticated movements necessary for swimming require both sides of the body to carry out the physical action. Known as "cross-patterning movements", this type of exercise is known to build neurons throughout the brain, literally helping it to grow. This can facilitate the improvement of reading skills, language development, and spatial awareness.

3. Enhances Bonding

The time a parent spends with a child in the water is quality time that's hard to emulate anywhere else. During lessons, the baby's attention is focused on the caregiver in a very special way that helps build confidence. In fact, the interaction with the caregiver and instructor aids the child in learning how to operate in groups, boosting their self-esteem.

4. Builds Strength

You might not consider the building of strength in your baby to be of particular importance, but swimming enhances coordination and muscle control that helps little ones when they want to hold their head up, crawl, or use their arms and legs in any fashion. Any strength gained at such a young age can only help their development as they grow into budding kindergartners.

5. Better Sleeping

Babies don't move a whole lot. Unless they're given regular exercise, this can lead to babies feeling restless and unable to sleep. Swimming is great exercise that challenges the child to move their bodies in new ways, working different muscles. The end result is a tired baby that's ready to take a nap or even go to bed earlier than you're used to.

If swim lessons sound like something that would benefit your child, check out local instructors of baby swim lessons in Los Angeles to see what kind of classes work best for you.

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