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SalesForce and WordPress: Integrating Two Powerful Products

Posted by CRMJetty on December 23rd, 2019

The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the words Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is “Salesforce”.


It’s the company that made businesses realize the importance of using a CRM platform. Not only this, but many businesses claim their CRM platform to be the best. 

Spotify, American Express, Canon, Toyota, and many other big brands use Salesforce CRM. These companies with data-heavy operations reflect why it is popular among thousands of businesses.

Similarly, when you hear the words Content Management System (CMS), what comes to your mind?



It’s just five years junior to Salesforce, but has made a strong reputation in the market for itself. Any person who wants to start blogging usually prefer WordPress because of its simple hosting and easy to use interface.

Just imagine the combined power of these two highly functional products. Salesforce to manage the data of your customers and WordPress for the content of your website. Both have a unique set of features. But the major complexity arrives when you have to integrate these products. It is essential to make this integration seamless to get the best of them.

With this integration, lead generation and nurturing become effortless. Capturing leads from your website and directly collecting the information in your CRM leads to more organized data and lesser human errors.

Going further if you wish to give your customers a more personalized browsing experience and boost engagement then you need to include plugins like Salesforce customer portal for WordPress or any apps or customized integrations. It depends on your requirements.

Let’s see the ways you can integrate these powerhouses.

  • Integrating with Other Applications

Businesses prefer using third-party apps when integrating Salesforce CRM and WordPress. Using these third-party applications, you can implement additional functionalities. Let’s say, you are running an email campaign and you wish to link your email with Salesforce, then you can use the famous email marketing software named MailChimp. A third-party app. You can easily add sign up forms for your websites, get details of subscribers and even send the broadcast emails. 

MailChimp comes you with an option to integrate with Salesforce easily, which allows you to even import your Salesforce contacts with your lists and easily access it from anywhere. Most of the third-party applications are easy to integrate and get the work done. Yes, you might need to invest in these apps but they are cost effective and user-friendly.

  • Customized Integration

There would be times when you would come across complex requirements. This is when custom-built integrations or customizations come to your rescue. Using these integrations, the sky would be your limit. One such customization is adding a WordPress customer portal to your CRM. This enables your customers to update their details and manage all the other aspects of interacting with your business. 

But developing these solutions you might need to have an expert by your side to help you. Even though availing these services can be expensive but you won't have to spend on licensing costs. You’ll have control over style, interface, and experience that you will provide with these customizations.

Pro-tip: While integrating Salesforce and WordPress, it is very obvious that the number of leads will increase and their quality will get better too. Your choice of plug-in depends on the budget and features you require. Being a first-time user, it is better to go for a third-party plug-in which already has features rather than investing huge chunks in developing one. This will also help you understand whether or not you can work with it. If you think this is not flexible for you, then you can go for a customized plugin according to your requirements.

Wrapping it up:

Using Salesforce WordPress integration is one of the great decisions as it helps you in growing your business and generating quality leads. Not only this, but it also helps you in keeping the customer data organized.

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