Is Mens Golf Clothing Truly Essential?

Posted by hellensmith on February 7th, 2012

When it comes to getting dressed for playing a sport, the aspect which is most emphasized upon in terms of clothing is functionality. Style quotient apart, when you are going to participate in a certain activity, wisdom decries that you should be dressed for it. Golf is no exception to this rule and because this is one of the few sports which blend style with performance, it is imperative for any golfer to be attired in proper mens golf clothing. Of course it is not just limited to mens golf shirts but encompasses all aspects of dressing up from head to toe.

Golf as a sport originated in Scotland wherein it was played by men in plaid kilts and uniforms but since then it has evolved to its contemporary form wherein it requires mens golf clothing in different styles to suit individual tastes. Modern golf apparel is not just meant to accommodate the physical demands of the game but is designed bearing in mind the dress code as specified by various country clubs or golf courses. Since it is taken as a mark of respect and etiquette, it cannot be solely limited to mens golf shirt but is inclusive of shoes, socks and trousers as well.

The choice of mens golf clothing is most often dictated by the nature of the event which is why having a kit to suit every occasion is an essential requisite for every seasoned golfer. If it is a casual encounter, then the universally accepted attire is that of a simple shirt with waterproof golf trousers and while the former might range from a variety of mens golf shirts to polo shirts, there is not much variation in case of the latter. A deviation in form of khaki shorts is permitted in hot and humid conditions provided the wearer is careful about the appearance and length and uses a belt to go with it.

Casual mens golf clothing is suitable for an outing with family and friends but under no circumstances should it be extended to a club game or a formal encounter. Even if golf clubs do allow for casual attire all of them draw a line to exclude cut-off or gym shorts as apart from looking casual they carry an unprofessional air. Another no-no in the world of golf is denim and it is not just because of its casual looks but also due to its inability to accommodate the functional aspect of golf. Hence, whether it is mens golf shirts or any other apparel, denim is universally absent in this line of clothing.

Owing to its sophistication and panache, golf is patronized by higher echelons in society – the veracity of this statement can only be adjudged by the fact that the golf courses around the world have been witness to many corporate decisions. This calls for a formal line of mens golf clothing, meaning being dressed in attire which is professional as also comfortable enough to allow for smooth execution of shots. In such a situation it is a must for mens golf shirts to feature collars, the trousers to be starched and a jacket or a vest which does not hinder free movement. 

Last but not the least, mens golf clothing also comprises of socks, shoes and other accessories like a belt or a hat which add to the style and afford protection from the sun’s rays as well. Ideally the selection of socks should be based on the colors of mens golf shirts and trousers but if not of the same color a mix-and match combination can be sought in terms of contrasting colors. Likewise, the shoes should be such that they are able to survive the thousands of miles of walking that this sport entails while providing an adequate grip all through the game.  

Playing golf without having any knowledge of mens golf shirts is akin to going out in a sail-boat without knowing how to ply it. For beginners as well as experienced golfers, a strong recommendation would be to check out mens golf clothing as it could prove to be the much needed one-stop shop for everything related to golf.

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