All About Zirconia Crowns: What Are They, Advantages, and Maintenance Tips!!

Posted by EZCAD Dental Lab on December 23rd, 2019

Gold and porcelain have long been the best choices for composing dental crowns, but today zirconia has become a relatively new material for the same. Zirconia gives the strength of metals with the natural appearance of porcelain and is becoming tremendously famous for all types of dental procedures and tooth repairs. 

Read on to know more about zirconia, its advantages, and how to care for it:

What are zirconia crowns?

Zirconia is basically a metal that is classified under the titanium family and is largely mined all around the globe. It is generally found in electrical devices and dinnerware among other products. Besides its strength, zirconia is also very much suitable to the human body, making its utilization very popular in the medical area. It is also known for its durability, making it one of the most preferred products to use in dental crowns. Zirconia is especially used for a posterior crown which requires a lot of strength and durability for grinding and chewing food. 

What are the advantages of using zirconia?

Zirconia comes with several advantages when used in dental crowns. The following are the major benefits associated with it. 

1.This material is the best for hiding any type of tooth damage:

Nowadays, dentists prefer Zirconium over porcelain for hiding and covering up any type of tooth damage caused by fractures and staining. 

2. The material is amazingly durable:

Since zirconia is made of crystal, Zirconia crowns are comparatively indestructible and withstand the harshest biting and chewing activities. Plus, they are five times as strong as compared to porcelain. They are resistant to cold and hot temperatures that lower the frequency of hypersensitivity of a tooth that is not seen in other types of crowns.

3. Zirconia crowns are long-lasting:

Alongside durability, zirconia crowns are also very long-lasting as compared to other types of crowns. This is because zirconia is more resistant to cracking and chipping.  

4. They can be easily reshaped, colored and modified according to the patient’s needs: 

Another great benefit of zirconia crowns is that they can be reshaped, modified and colored to match the natural appearance of the patient’s teeth. The flexible nature of zirconia can produce dental crowns that are shaped much well as compared to the original crowns that they replace. Thus, the ability to make the perfect shape, color, and size produce a more natural and better look and comfort for the patient. 

Ultimately, they give you the security, durability, comfort, appearance, and feel of natural teeth. 

How to care and maintain your zirconia crowns? 

In order to properly care and maintain zirconia crowns, you must brush and floss your teeth twice a day daily like you normally do. However, make sure you brush with a toothbrush that removes bacteria and plaque from teeth, gums, cheek, and tongue. Furthermore, you must also visit your dentist regularly for oral checkups and professional cleaning. 

Zirconia crowns can be one of the ideal options for many people undergoing a dental crown treatment, and practicing good oral care habits and maintenance can help ensure several years of great dental health for people everywhere.

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