Increase In The Efficiency Of The Solar Cell

Posted by sjhonny on February 7th, 2012

The solar cell has come a long way now when compared to what it was around 50 years ago. There are significant changes in the design and the performance of these cells has increased by leaps and bounds. Considering the fact that the first solar cell had only managed to operate at around 6% efficiency, the present ones are way ahead. Prior to the introduction of the silicon solar cell, the selenium cell was in use and the efficiency was just around 0.5%, which was hardly commendable.

If we have to go by all the latest news in Solar PV Investor, things have changed ever since. After years of research, we have managed to achieve some stunning results. The main priority years ago was to improve efficiency of the solar cell and bring down the manufacturing costs. However, all that was achieved was a 40% increase in the efficiency of these cells which was possible only by using expensive materials. This, in turn, drove up the manufacturing costs of these cells.

Since this was not going to help homeowners make the switch, there was an urgent need to reduce the production cost of the solar cell rather than improve efficiency of these cells. Thanks to the recent technological advancements in this field, this has been possible. Now, there are a number of manufacturers who have managed to make their online presence felt. The Solar PV Investor is a place where you can get all the information about the suppliers as well as manufacturers of solar panels.

According to a latest research, the efficiency of the conventional solar cell can be increased even more. With the latest development in technology and with the use of organic plastic semiconductor, it is possible to harvest fifty percent more electrons using one ‘photon’ of sunlight. This technology is hugely advantageous as it will help bring down the cost drastically. This research has also made is possible to increase the energy efficiency of these cells by anywhere between 50 to 100%. According to recent reports, production of solar power is much cheaper than what most people assume. Solar PV Investor is a place where you can get all the news and latest happenings in the solar industry.

There is a lot of research that is being done on the solar cell and we still have a long way to go. As of now, the silicon solar cell has only managed to achieve around 31% efficiency. This is due to the fact that a lot of the sun’s energy that reaches the cell is way too ‘high’ to be converted to electricity. The ‘hot electrons’ are simply lost as heat. If these ‘hot electrons’ can be captured, it may help in potentially increasing the efficiency of the entire system and it may lead to a power conversion that may be as high as 66%. Solar PV Investor has all the latest global, tech news, research findings and more that can prove to be beneficial for those looking for information about the solar industry.

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