Importance of Hajj in the Quran

Posted by Ady on December 23rd, 2019

Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islamic faith, the performance of which is very significant for Muslims. Hajj is a compulsion for those Muslims who are finically, physically and mentally capable of performing the pilgrimage. Because it’s an Ibadah that requires financial means to travel to Makkah and bear living expenses there; Perform rituals that require bodily fitness and stamina and spend the time in remembrance of Allah Almighty while abiding by the prohibitions of Ihram.

Annually, 2-3 million people perform Hajj together. Dressed in simple white cloths, the pilgrims are praying for the forgiveness and blessings from Allah almighty. The sight of Muslims unity and Islamic spirituality is of exceptional beauty.

Here is the importance of Hajj in light of the Holy Quran.

Performance by Muslims living all across the globe

Hajj is the 5th pillar of the Islamic faith. For which, Muslims will come for hajj from all around the world as it has been made a compulsion for them. No matter how far their hometown is, Muslims will come from the farthest of lands in their love for Allah. Spending their wealth, energy and time for the performance of Hajj.

The only Qibla for Muslims; Holy Kaabah

The only Qibla for Muslims is Holy Kaabah, situated in Makkah, Saudia Arabia. Muslims offer all their prayers in the direction of Holy Kaabah, regardless of their position in the world. It's also the place where people have and will come for Umrah and Hajj.

Sins are forgiven

Hajj is the ultimate gateway to ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty. One must spend its time in the remembrance and Dhikr of Allah Almighty on hajj. Repent sincerely on its sins. Ask for Hidayah. Surely, Allah will grant him with its wishes that a person has desired with honest intentions. Indeed, Allah is the most merciful.

Hajj rituals are decreed by Allah Almighty

A pilgrim must observe all the rites of hajj. The traversing of Safah and Marwah are among those rites that are declared by Allah Almighty. Therefore, a pilgrim must abide by the complete rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

Prohibitions of Ihram

There are certain things that are declared haram for pilgrims when they are in the state of Ihram. Such as;

• Hunting/Killing of an anima even an insect.
• Cutting of Hair.
• Indulging in intimate relations with spouse.
• Trimming of Nails.
• Using fragrances.


A pilgrim must refrain from violating them. For those, who violate the prohibitions intentionally, a penalty is due.

Pillar of Islam; Obligation

Hajj is an obligation as 5th pillar of Islam for all Muslims who can financially sponsor their travel as well as possess physical and mental fitness. Therefore, it’s a compulsion for such people to perform hajj. And whoever does not perform or denies Hajj then Allah is well aware of everyone’s deeds.

All these descriptions from the Holy Quran specify the importance of Hajj in Islam. As well as the rewards and bounties that come with it. Therefore, if you are planning to perform Hajj you must checkout hajj packages 2020 London and book your spot right away.

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