Why Are Dual Monitor Arms Worth the Investment? 

Posted by Isabellesam on December 23rd, 2019

Monitor mounts are the next big thing that has hit the markets and tech-geeks are going gaga over them. There is good reason for all the excitement too. Monitor mounts come with huge benefits, especially in an office setting or a professional work environment with multi users or a lot of screen time work. 

There are various kinds of monitor mounts, but one of the most popular entries in the ergonomic office accessories market is the dual monitor arm.

Advantages of Using Dual Monitor Arms for Your Office Space

The concept of an open office has caught on fast and with it comes the need to optimize the space available. In many industries, especially like design, stock market etc., employees work simultaneously on more than one screen or work in a team. This has led to the popularity of the monitor arm mount in Singapore and various other countries. Listed below are some of the most common advantages of using monitor arms, especially dual arms, in a work environment: 

#1. An Enjoyable Viewing Experience:  Gone are the days when a team collaborating on a project has to cram up or settle in awkward positions to catch a glimpse of a presentation on display. With dual monitor arms becoming quite the rage, every member can enjoy a briefing or a long display. 

#2. Comfortable Viewing from Different Angles:  A dual monitor arm is valued so highly because it allows different positions for not one, but two display monitors. Whether you want either or both in portrait or landscape mode, or you want to move your display left to right to illustrate a point on screen, you do not need to free up any desk space or waste time adjusting viewing angles. A dual monitor arm is designed to suit any viewing angle that is required. 

#3. Ergonomic Use of Desk Space:  Perhaps the most celebrated advantage of using monitor arms is that it frees up a lot of desk space. Flat screen monitors or CRT monitors take up a huge amount of space. With a monitor mount, you can free up space on the desk as the display is elevated. Also, once work is done, you can turn the display monitor away to avoid a cluttered look. For professionals who require multiscreen for their work, monitor mounts are a blessing. 

#4. Reduced Chances of Back, Neck or Eye Aches:  Instead of you having to adjust to the height and setting of the display, you can make your display work for you if you invest in a monitor arm mount in Singapore. A spring dual monitor arm allows you to move your monitor display up, down, left or right so you can adjust it according to the most comfortable viewing position. This helps to reduce stress on the back and neck muscles. Better viewing angles reduces strain on optic nerves and helps you avoid achy eyes.

Increased Productivity & Reduced Stress Levels at Work:  A workspace designed to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for work enjoys satisfied employees. Employees who are satisfied with their working conditions are more productive and prefer to stay on as valuable and experienced members of the workforce. 

Whether you prefer a swivel dual monitor which only allows left and right movements for the display or a slightly more expensive spring model which allows both left and right and up and down movement, a monitor mount can be the best investment you can make to upgrade your workspace. 

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