Delaying Work Incessantly, Take Hypnotherapy For Procrastination

Posted by Westside Hypnotherapy on December 23rd, 2019

People get distracted by technological gadgets such as phone, television, computers and their laptops. While they are busy churning out some extremely important work, their phone beeps and the work underway is put on hold for a while. If we add up these important time lapses that we indulge in it so many times a day, we will be stunned to realise that a major part of our work hours have been spent “not doing “the super important work, we had been assigned. The delay of work means hours and hours at the desk whereas we could have finished the work in half the time. We procrastinate work and waste precious time!

Focussing on a task can be very hard when we stay distracted because of other jobs. The surprising thing is that our mind is not a very good multi-tasker and cannot handle too many activities at the same time because it starts getting confused and side tracked. It performs only one task perfectly.

Distraction is definitely bad news and is never premediated and done on purpose but it does means missed deadlines, missed targets, missing out on important goals, reduced productivity, and lots of precious time wasted. Time never comes back and this distraction can sometimes cost a person immensely in terms of money and effort.

Diversions and interruptions attract a person more than the normal humdrum activities because they interests a person. To perform perfectly in a focused manner we have to tell our mind to concentrate. The mind has to be forcibly channelized and conditioned because the enjoyable and easy activities keep on luring it away from work related activities. The task may stand incomplete as the person might procrastinate it indefinitely.

The procrastination becomes overwhelming when it becomes regular and lots of tasks start lagging behind. Urgent tasks are put aside and work is constantly rescheduled because the tasks are not completed according to the given timeline. The tasks are always planned but delayed “almost forever”. They are constantly stuffed to the back of the mind. The fact is that you need to be more organised and the work has to be prioritised , if you can’t do this by explaining to yourself then take the help of a professional dealing with hypnotherapy for procrastination.

Automatically and unconsciously procrastination had become a part of everyday living and that is the reason it may take some time to adjust to the new way of life. The trigger factors and reasons for procrastinating are evaluated and understood before they are worked on.

Hypnotherapy for procrastination is a very influential tool that can penetrate deep into the subconscious mind and make positive and effective suggestions to it.

The critical conscious part of the mind gets relaxed and the subconscious mind follows instructions given to it directly. The subconscious starts to intensively focus on the new information that is being fed into it and soon it starts to get rid of the negative procrastination pattern that a person has been indulging in since long. Positive information is gathered and the person starts to adapt attitudinal and behavioral changes.

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