Guidelines for Buying Cheap Airsoft Guns

Posted by adairsawyer on February 10th, 2012

Why would anyone want to buy an airsoft gun? Posing this question would entail responses like its requirement as a training weapon or just acquiring it to have fun playing skirmish games. Hence, it is but obvious that investing a large amount in its purchase is unwarranted for and this is the reason why people look for cheap airsoft guns. These guns are classified according to their shooting mechanism into categories like spring, gas and airsoft electric guns. Differing from real guns in terms of projectiles, the slow speed of pellets as also their inability to penetrate the skin renders these weapons completely safe.

Commonly known as springer, it is this gun which tops the list of cheap airsoft guns courtesy of its simple spring-based mechanism. Being a single-shot energy-powered device, it requires the user to pull or slide the lever of the gun after every shot, meaning it needs to be cocked before shooting. Given the style of functioning, it is best suited for shotguns and single-shot sniper rifles wherein each shot is deliberate and meticulously aimed but not recommended for machine guns. Although affordable, its durability and life span are much shorter as compared to its counterparts, the airsoft electric guns or the airsoft gas pistols.

Some of the most popular models in this segment belong to the category of airsoft electric guns and because their mechanism is electricity-based and battery-operated, the entire process of cocking the gun before every shot is completely eliminated. This gun is fitted with an electric motor which in turn is powered by an in-built battery – in order to fire a shot the motor propels the gears so that the piston is compressed and released and the pellet to zooms out. Thanks to this fully automatic and rapid-fire feature these guns are the first choice of many professional and experienced shooters. Being a bit on the higher side in terms of price, these cannot be classified under cheap airsoft guns.  

Apart from airsoft electric guns, another category which is equally popular is that of gas guns and these depend on gas as a source of power. There are many gases which are used, some of the choices being pressurized propane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a refrigerant named HFC134a and storage is within a cylinder or a magazine incorporated in the body of the gun. An advantage that this gun has over cheap airsoft guns is the convenience involved although the recoil factor is present in both automatic as well as semi-automatic versions. A model which is reputed as being great fun is a blowback gun, popularly referred to as the GBB.

‘Cheaper is often not better’ is the argument which goes against buying anything at a lower price but in case of airsoft guns this may not hold true. It is possible for an enthusiastic shooter to acquire cheap airsoft guns without compromising on quality provided he is cognizant of the various parameters. Since buying a gun certainly calls for a sizeable financial investment, no-one would want a weapon which fails after firing a few shots. Such a situation calls for a balance between price and quality and one of the best solutions would be to settle for airsoft electric guns which do not cost much and yet do not compromise on the body or accessories. 

There are many sources through which cheap airsoft guns can be acquired, the foremost being auction houses. However, a word of caution here is that items sold at an auction are usually in poor working condition which is why the buyer to check the weapon thoroughly. Weight and durability of the gun are some of the other factors which need to be adjudged irrespective of whether it is brand new or used as also gaining a fair idea about its price. For example, someone looking for airsoft electric guns should look for a weapon which is easy to carry, can sustain prolonged shooting exercises and is readily available in physical as well as online discounted stores. 

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