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Posted by aniket vichare on December 24th, 2019

South Indians are known for a few special cuisines, among which medu vada is a prime one. The word ‘Medu’ is a Kannada word that means ‘soft’ and this snack is so named due to its soft texture. It is also called Garelu in Telugu language and medu vadai in Tamil. Uddina vadai, Ulundu, and Uzhunnu vada are the other names by which this delicious snack is known all over South India. As it is generally served with sambar, it is also mentioned as sambar vada on the menu card of some restaurants.

Simple steps followed in medu vada recipe

  • Generally, skinned Urad dal or black gram is the main ingredient for making medu vada. However, Chana dal or Bengal gram can also be used for making this snack and then it is called Chana dal vada or masala vadai. This gram or dal needs to be soaked in water for a minimum 4 hours and preferably for the whole night, to ensure the desired softness of the vada.

  • This soaked dal should be grinded in a mixer-grinder or food processor. Ample quantity of water should be added while grinding the black gram, to make the batter smooth enough for soft vada preparation. However, care should be taken not to add excess water, else the batter will become runny and it will be tough to shape up the vadas.

  • Deseeded green chillies, salt, chopped ginger, curry leaves, and sometimes sliced onions are also added to the jar of mixer-grinder before grinding the dal. This entire mixture should be grinded to make a soft, fluffy, and whitish batter of suitable thickness. This batter is taken into a bowl and further beaten with a spoon for aerating this mixture, to prepare the best quality medu vadas.

  • Next, the batter is taken into a palm and flattened with hand. Then a hole is made into the centre of the batter with a finger and placed into the heated oil of a pan. However, it is better to lubricate the hands with oil or water before starting to make the vadas. A vada should be fried till it turns golden brown all over. Then it can be lifted from the oil carefully and placed over the paper napkin to drain off the excess oil.

Usually, yummy coconut chutney and sambar are served with this vada. Medu vada recipe provides with easily digestible and nutritious breakfast that can be prepared very fast.

Author bio: This author is interested in writing on food topics and here, he discusses medu vada recipe in detail, for the benefit of readers who want to cook it at home.  

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