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What is the Role of Media to Bring us Authentic News?

Posted by dthdishtv on December 23rd, 2019

The world is in a state of chaos over the past decades. From Hurricanes, to school shootings, we have everything happening around us. The media industry plays a pivotal role in bringing that news to us. The authenticity of a news is often questioned these days. While some journalists risk their lives in bringing authentic news to us. You can watch the latest news by subscribing to your favorite DTH news channels.

The contribution of journalists, photographers, editors goes much beyond bringing news to our TV sets and updating us with the affairs of the entire world. Journalists risk their lives to bring news during catastrophic events, natural disasters, wars and political turmoil.

Israel is one of the most afflicted countries in the world today. With the ongoing war among the border states of Syria, Iraq, and Iran, it is certainly dangerous for a journalist or reporter to be stationed there. The Syrian civil war is adding to the existing refugee crisis in the country. You can stay updated with latest news on DTH channels like BBC World News, ABC News, CNN-IBN, and others.

The most wanted and coveted piece of Holy land in the world- Israel is constantly attacked by ISIS and other militant organizations. Israel, the birthplace of three major Abrahamic faiths- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is also a targeted to stir up religious wars. In Syria, in the year 2015, over seventy-two journalists alone were killed in this country. As per a UNESCO report, 51 percent of media killings happen in armed conflicts.

Other countries ranking high in conflicts, corruption, crimes like Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, and India, are high risk-prone zones for journalists to work. In countries of political and religious turmoil like Korea and Somalia, journalists are ruthlessly murdered. Mexico, a country which is dangerous for political journalists and news reporters. Over 100 journalists were murdered since the year 2000. An alarming fact, that was disclosed by the United Nations, that over ninety percent of the crimes against journalists are never prosecuted or punished is nothing less than terrifying. Over fifteen journalists were killed in Brazil and Latin America in the past decade, making it a vulnerable environment for reporters and media people.

Freedom of the Press is mostly not honored in these countries. Authentic news and reports are distorted before it reaches the public. On the other side of the world, Russia is a place dangerous for independent journalists and reporters, where they are attacked, assaulted or forced to flee. It is extremely risky for journalists covering politics in the USSR region. UN security council has taken various measures to protect and safeguard the journalists and media reporters posted at high-conflict and war-prone zones. These are some of the challenges faced by journalists and media spokespersons in the areas of strife all over the world. It is quite difficult to put into words, the practical challenges faced by these journalists.

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