The Top 5 Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Posted by Tim Scott on December 24th, 2019

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or, a walk with your dog a day keeps all stress at bay.

Studies have proven that walking your furry friend has immense benefits on your physical as well as mental health. Our busy lifestyle has made us so susceptible to diseases like stress, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But worry not; your best buddy is here at your rescue.

Here are the top five benefits of walking your dog daily.

Health is wealth.

Daily walking your dog does improve not only your health but also your dog's. Regular walks will enhance your cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, strengthen your muscles and bones, and decrease your stress level. The much needed daily dose of the workout will benefit your furry friend too. Studies have claimed that regular walks reduce stress levels in dogs.

Fight obesity.

Irrespective of the breeds, dogs are seen struggling with obesity these days. Some pet parents find their chubby companions cute. However, obesity in dogs leads to several medical issues of osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and insulin resistance. A regular walk will keep your dog fit and certainly in good shape.

Foundation of trust.

A dog loves you more than his life. No matter how busy your life becomes, you owe him/her some quality time every day. And you both can spend quality time on your daily walks. This quality time is very crucial for the sound development of your pet's attitude towards you and your family. This regular exercise will build the foundation of a long-lasting cohesive relationship that will rest upon mutual trust.

Get yourself a date.

Yeah, you read, right! According to a study done by Dr. Helen Fisher of the Kinsey Institute in Indiana, has found that dog parents are perceived to be more attractive, caring, approachable, happier and empathetic. In this case, comparatively, men are mainly seen to be more caring and selfless by women as they exude long term commitment towards their dogs. Moreover, who won't go ‘awww’ on a tail-wagging cuddly companion irrespective of gender? Maybe all these times you were looking for love in the wrong places. Perhaps it is time to take your dog along on your walks daily. Good luck!

Social Skills.

Most pet parents complain about their dogs lacking socialization skills and being unruly. A dog is a social animal that relies on its pack leader for instructions and socialization. Every dog trainer would tell you to start early and start walking your dog daily.

For your dog to enjoy a playful afternoon in the park or beach, they must display socialization skills and obedience to mingle with other dogs. A well behaved and socially well-adjusted dog is undoubtedly essential for a pet parent to enjoy those picnics and weekend chills. Every parent is proud of their kid's social skills.

A recent study has found out that only half of the dog's parents walk their dog at least once a day. Surprisingly 33% admitted that they seldom walk their dogs. This phenomenon is not very encouraging, though, considering your dog's overall health. A 30 minutes' walk daily can improve your as well as your dog's health manifolds, enhancing the sense of well-being.

Even if you are going out of town, you can look for a dog boarding GTA to help you. From dog walking to taking care of your pet, they can do it all.

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