How does Juvederm work?

Posted by Alexn Baron on December 24th, 2019

Juvederm works by adding volume to tissue through its active ingredient, mucopolysaccharide. mucopolysaccharide may be a natural substance found within the physical body. Stimulates the assembly of animal tissue that fills the skin (collagen). As you grow old, the assembly of mucopolysaccharide and collagen decreases. This increases the looks of sagging and wrinkles of the facial skin.

During the procedure, your doctor, health professional or nurse usually uses a pen to mark the areas to be treated. Then, your doctor will inject Juvederm into the target. they're going to also lightly massage the world to make sure uniform distribution and reduce the likelihood of inflammation. the whole procedure usually takes 15 to hour, counting on the world treated.

Juvederm injections contain alittle amount of lidocaine to scale back pain. this may help minimize any pain or discomfort you are feeling during treatment and can make it get away quickly.

Juvederm before and after pictures of actual patients

Risks and side effects
You can expect some swelling and bruising. Other common side effects include:

lumps or bumps
minor pain
All of those side effects usually subside within two to four weeks.

More serious side effects are usually related to unprofessional management, like injecting Juvederm into an unintentional vessel. Complications may include permanent scars, vision abnormalities, blindness or stroke. that's why it's vital to settle on your doctor wisely. confirm they're trained, certified and licensed to perform the procedure.

What to expect after Juvederm
The recovery time is minimal. However, people are advised to avoid strenuous activities, sun exposure, makeup and alcohol consumption for a minimum of 24 hours after treatment.
Most notice the consequences of Juvederm immediately, or after the swelling is reduced. The results usually last between six months and two years. this relies on the Juvederm product that was used.

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