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Posted by enurgaenergy on December 23rd, 2019

Spray patterns are widely used in exhaust scrubbers and gas cooling appliances which give manufacturers a better understanding of spray distribution. It carries a fluid that is released from a pressurized source to ensure better corrosion prevention.

Classification of the spray pattern

Spray pattern is classified into four types and they are as follows-

  • Flat fun – The tip of the flat con determines the spray range of the nozzle, where the liquid is shaped into a fan-shaped sheet of fluid. It is considered as the best tool for covering an area between the nozzle and the target like a conveyor belt. They are typically used in applications like cooling street rolls, applying coatings, and conveyor washing.
  • Hollow cone – It is a pattern of a circular ring of fluid. The liquid here is broken into droplets which are smaller than other types of the nozzle. Generally, these are found at the edge of the cone spray utilized in the area of dust prevention. Hollow cones are designed in three different types such as axial whirl, tangential whirl, and spiral design nozzles used for fluid dispersion.
  • Full cone – It’s a round spray pattern in which droplets are less concentrated in the cone area providing a linear spray distribution of medium to large-sized droplets flowing from large passages. The cones are extensively used for dust prevention. These typical cones offer high velocity over a distance for the cooling purpose during industrial work.
  • Solid stream – It is a simple Spray Pattern with no droplets and it focuses the spray into a jet. The nozzle here offers smooth movement of spraying while cleaning applications.

How spray patterns are useful and not useful at the same time?

Spray patterns are regarded as essentials in the manufacturing and production process as it offers quick drying of liquid materials by the hot gases. The liquid fluid is distributed depending upon the size of the nozzle. Many companies get benefited from the fast drying technique of spray patterns. They also share a special feature of transforming the liquid into powder; they also produce items that are powdered or granulated.


  • Speed is one of the main aspects of its advantage as it offers the quickest way of the cleaning process.
  • It produces powders of high quality ensuring high consistency and easy dispersion.
  •  Ensures a rapid dissolution of clear dispersion thus, increasing the solubility and density.
  • They are designed to reduce the corrosion faults in heat-sensitive products.


  • The equipment requirement cost really high they are expensive irrespective of their type and capacity.
  • They have low thermal efficiencies.
  • The operation of manufacturing and processing requires maintenance of nozzles which increases the cleaning cost and reduces the profit margin.

Therefore, spray drying is a convenient process that offers appropriate drying options with the required quality, speed, density, uniformity, and dispersion level preferred in insensitive materials.

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