Sustainable EV Charging Station: Benefits and Salient Aspects

Posted by hellensmith on February 11th, 2012

Electric car owners were otherwise facing a sea problem charging their cars during daytime until the advent of new-age sustainable and eco-friendly stations for EV charging. These systems are kind of saviors for them as these are easily installable and extremely expedient machines that can be used by laypeople to charge their electric vehicles. An EV charging station can easily be installed in any office or public place and one can get his vehicle charged at ease of mind. However, multi-family households are the greatest consumers of these chargers. SemaConnect ChargePro Charging Stations are great example of EV charging stations that are widely available and used. The benefits and salient aspects of these sustainable and futuristic charging models are described here below.

Installable in tightest corners

As previously mentioned, these charging stations are easily install able in tightest corners where conventional methods of refueling or car charging cannot be imagined. The neatly tailored body and the small size of a charging station is beet-fitted for tightest corners of shopping complexes and multi-ownership flats and apartments. These are absolutely sleek and smart instruments that can charge your electric car anytime, anywhere.

Safe and reliable

These machines are generally covered by first-rate aluminum so that natural forces like heat or rain can be resisted effectively. This way, the main machine inside stays safe therefore the whole unit delivers uninterrupted service for long. SemaConnect is a company whose machines are undergone multi-level tasting.

Pole Mount, Wall or Pedestal

Mounting options are many which is why many residential users prefer these machines. A charging station can be hooked up on wall. People who have parking garages can opt for wall mount charging stations. If you have a parking space in front of your house, you can get the pedestal unit for your car. These machines are literally fitting everywhere.

Easy to install

The EV Charging stations are easily installable. You don’t need to be a pro to do that. Opening the system or exposing the wires is also easy jobs to do. All you have to do is to preplan a place where your station would be installed, browse through range of products, buy one, install it and connect it to the electrical access and you could easily charge your electric car easily every day.


These units espouse and encourage green movements. Growing demand for those units prove that the number of electric cars are also increasing in the country. Many shopping malls, restaurants, bars, multiplexes and residential complexes are gradually being outfitted with these machines as because sustainability and environment-friendly energy are two facets of future.  And these stations like SemaConnect ChargePro Charging Stations rightly serve the electrical vehicle owners. 

Find eco-friendly Charging Station  products here. SemaConnect ChargePro Charging Stations  are all designed to offer ease and expediency.

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