SIA Training to Get a Job in the Security Industry

Posted by sjhonny on February 11th, 2012

What is SIA training and how does it work in the security industry? Let us understand what exactly SIA licence is and why it is so important for people to undergo SIA courses in order to get jobs. For the ones that have been in the lookout for jobs in the security industry to become a security guard or a door supervisor in the UK, it is important to have a SIA licence. SIA licence is issued by Security Industry Authority after providing a thorough training to ensure that a person is well equipped to become a security guard. SIA is a government regulatory body that is in charge of regulating the industry of private security. As with other regulators, the aim of SIA is to improve the overall standard of services within the premises of the industry it regulated – the security industry.

SIA is regulating the industry through SIA training and SIA courses that are legal and lead to a SIA Licence. A person has to obtain a valid SIA licence to join private security services. There are no exceptions to this rule. In order to obtain a SIA licence after the completion of the required SIA training, a candidate has to provide SIA with an Identity Proof, Proof of Competence, Pass the Criminality Background Check and Valid Age Proof (candidate must be over 18 years old).

Competence check is a primary concern for SIA training it refers to proper training and qualification, accredited to the security training field, approved by a recognized security training centre. Security training is undertaken to determine the capability of a candidate seeking employment. SIA training will help in obtaining adequate knowledge to get into the desired role of a security guard.

Once all the basic requirements are met, a candidate can apply for the SIA licence post SIA training. The training actually confirms that the candidate has passed the Security course. No certificate is required to apply for the licence, as SIA is aware of the qualification, which becomes evident after a person obtains the certificate. The candidate has to wait for a period of 4 to 6 weeks to obtain the SIA licence.

Post SIA course completion, a candidate can seek out various opportunities within their premises of security industry. Depending on the type of work a candidate desired to do, one can make strategies to reach out to the industry at large. In order to begin job hunting, a candidate must prepare a list of some of the big security companies in UK. There are quite a lot of companies hiring security service providers on a regular basis. Local job centres can be helpful in finding jobs too. There are several security operatives to help candidates in meeting their regular needs as well.

SIA training is vital to the security industry. Don’t risk your career and train with the Training Circle UK for your SIA licence in order to start working in this industry.

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