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Posted by jimmy on December 24th, 2019

There are very many things that one needs to know about lol accounts. In this article, we are going to discuss all those things to help you choose the best lol account. Many people make a mistake of choosing the wrong lol account that leads to frustrations later. Some of those frustrations are such as losing both your hard-earned cash and the lol account. Therefore you need to ensure you are dealing with the right lol account seller. Below are some of the top asked things about lol account.

How long does one need to reach the highest level?

According to research, there is no definite answer to this question. Several factors determine the duration you can take to reach the top level. Some of those things include

  • How frequent you play

 That is the most significant thing to determine how long you can take to arriveat level 30. The more you spend more hours playing, the higher the chances of reaching various levels. Also, you need to play well so that you can unlock those levels. If you find it hard to unlock other levels, you can buy level 30 league accounts. Source to know about LolFinity | No. 1 place for League of Legends Accounts.

  • Boosting services you use

The boosting services that you use can determine how easy you can reach to the top levels. Ensure you use best-boosting services. There are various lol game boosting services provider who claims to offer excellent services. Consider things such as game boosting service provider reviews to help you know the best.

  • The type of games you play

When playing lol game, there isthe various type you can choose to play. Depending on how difficult is the level you are playing, you can reach the highest level differently. If you are playing standard games, there are high chances you will take more time to reach top levels. You can choose to play bot games to level up quickly.

What are some of the things you need to check before you buy lol account?

If you want to ensure you buy the right lol account, there are some of the things you need to know. Some of those are;

  • Ensure you are provided with a warranty

Do not buy a lol account that does not have a warranty. That is because, in case of anything, the seller will not cater for the loss incurred.

  • Check the seller's website

There is a need to ensure the seller you have chosen provides account protection. Read more about the strategies for enhancing the security of your lol account. Many people who do not consider this thing hasa high chance of losing their money and the account. Therefore ensure you buy league of legends accounts that are well secured.

  • Check if the account you want to buy is hand level or botted

There is a huge difference between hand leveled accounts and botted ones. If you need to avoid getting a poorly rated account, you should consider if the account was hand leveled or botted.

  • Check if the email is verified or not

Another essential thing you should consider while buying a lol smurf account is the email verification. In some cases, people purchasean unconfirmed account from hackers, and when their owner confirm to those account, the buyers lose their money and the account. Therefore ensure the cheap lol account belongs to the seller.

  • Lol account delivery time

Finally, you need to consider the duration that the lol account seller will take to deliver your account. That is because there is some seller who can take so long to deliver the account. Depending on how urgent you need the account, choose the seller who provides you with the account on time. By considering the above-discussed information, you will be able to know everything about buying lol account and also the best place to buy league account.

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