Various details about WOW: Shadowlands

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 24th, 2019

Various details about WOW: Shadowlands

The article is mainly divided into three parts, introducing World of Warcraft from all angles: new areas of the Shadow Kingdom, new features and changes brought by the new version next year.

At the Blizzcon 2019, Blizzard and officially released World of Warcraft: Shadow State to the masses of players. At the same time, as expected by the players, the game tries to prevent players from using Sylvanas to use the power of death to destroy Azeroth. In face to face, defending Azeroth has become an imminent goal. If Greek Once Sylvanas succeeds, Azeroth will be gone. Sylvanas will also take players into another dimension of death and decay. Don't you want to stop Sylvanas from making it all happen?

This new version change means that World of Warcraft will undergo earth-shaking changes, and at the same time, Shadow Kingdom may also become one of the most transformative updates in recent years! Many game details are waiting for players to explore, surprises are still waiting for players to dig, more WOW Classic Gold For Sale is waiting for players to come!

The latest news about World of Warcraft updates

What day of World of Warcraft: Shadowland will be released
Although Blizzard Entertainment hasn't announced the exact launch date, according to information revealed by game director Hazzikostas, Shadowland will be released in 2020. Looking back at the historical dates of the World of Warcraft expansions, we can see that Shadowland will be officially released next summer! Players in need can also choose to book now.

What is the outline of World of Warcraft: Land of Shadows?

After the war in Azeroth (and there will still be a major update), players in World of Warcraft: Shadow Land will see Sylvanas destroy the Lich King ’s Helm of Domination, and she will cover Azeroth The barrier between Stewart and the Titan World and headed to the death zone. After this, a new version of Shadowlands-World of Warcraft officially opened. To greet the arrival of Christmas, players can now get a 6% discount on the use of the code "Xmas" at ZZWOW to ensure that players can buy the cheapest Classic WOW Gold.

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