How And When You Can Use The Electric Dog Fencing

Posted by serenawoods on February 12th, 2012

Electric dog fencing is absolutely necessary, especially if you have to leave your dogs in the backyard or keep them in open spaces. It is not possible to monitor them all the time. They should also be taught to stay within their boundaries to ensure their safety at all times. Invisible dog fences are the ideal option for those who wish to keep their pets away from the certain areas where you do not want them to go.

The main function of electric dog fencing is to keep them within a certain boundary. The dog will be fitted with an electric collar and this will deter the dog from going beyond those boundaries. There will be a mild shock that would be triggered when the dog tries to escape or goes too close to the boundary. However, these collars may not be the right option for some breeds. In that case, you may have to use other options to keep them within a certain boundary. Therefore, find out if the invisible dog fences are the right options for your breed before making your purchase.

Invisible dog fences are a much better option than setting up physical boundaries, because they look far more attractive. These fences are ideally suited for people who live in areas that have zoning guidelines, where putting up physical boundaries around the properties may be prohibited. These invisible fences are affordable as compared to the physical fences. They are also much more popular than the physical fence because the installation of these fences is easy and simple. Electric dog fencing is also found to be more effective if the dog is well trained. These fences in fact can do a far better job at preventing your dog from straying, when compared to a physical fence.

Before you opt for electric dog fencing, you must give your dog sufficient training. With proper training the dog will learn to retreat as soon as it hears the beep from the electric dog collar. You can easily train your pet within a couple of weeks, but ensure that you do the training diligently for a period of 15 minutes every day (twice daily). Invisible dog fences require a power source, so ensure that you have a power source either indoors or outdoors.

While purchasing electric dog fencing, you must ensure that you purchase the right one. If you have small dogs, you may require a particular type of fencing. Invisible dog fences work well for most breeds, but if you have an aggressive dog, you may have to use a physical fence as well as an electric one.There are a number of choices when it comes to invisible fences. You can choose one according to your preferences, needs and the breed. You can protect your garden from being dug up by installing these fences. However, there are times when the use of these fences is not recommended. For instance, if you have a pregnant pet, you should ideally wait until she litters before installing the invisible fences.

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