Why choose SMPP services for Sales/Lead generation

Posted by shivangi on December 24th, 2019

Bulk messaging is greatly used by business units in the 21st century. One of the major reasons for such popularity of this marketing technique is the economic factor. With reasonable SMPP server price in India and cheap operation costs, Bulk SMS via SMPP services deems yield high ROI for businesses and organizations. 

SMPP is a shortened name for Short Messaging Peer to Peer. The SMPP protocol is an industry-standard, open network platform employed in telecommunication architecture to enable flexible transmission of data from one mobile system to another in real-time scenarios. With bulk messaging gaining high popularity in recent times, bulk SMS via SMPP protocol is a successful attempt to send and receive millions of short messages to/from end-users economically and efficiently. With the power of this marketing technique, the business units can send a variety of bulk SMS to its business audiences. Short messages such as text SMS, WAP, mail alerts, broadcasts and push messages are few widely used types of SMS sent/received using this process. 

With the text so far, we get a fair idea about economic SMPP services offered by reliable SMPP service provider. With this marketing technique into action, the institutions are capable of sending/receiving tons of short messages effortlessly. With this notion, let us take a brief look at how SMPP services can be harnessed for Sales/Lead generation. 

Use Case: Harnessing SMPP Services for Sales/Lead generation …

Lead generation using bulk SMS is one of the most effective ways to interact with potential customers and leads. Recent survey reports claim that approximately 97 percent short messages are read by the recipients just within 3 minutes of its delivery and leave a constructive impression on the readers. User amiability for SMS communication is far more than any other communication technologies such as email and billboards. The readiness of SMS also adds up to this factor. An SMS sent via SMPP protocol is received by the end-user just as any other regular text SMS. 

With the increasing use of mobile phones, the majority of the target audience own mobile with active messaging services. This factor allows business units to easily communicate with their potential leads simply by sending bulk SMS. Additionally, with quick and timely message deliveries offered by SMPP service provider, bulk SMS marketing is regarded as the sole marketing technique that provides lead-to-business conversions up to 90 per cent. This figure is significantly larger than any other marketing technique available in the current decade. 

Economic SMPP Server price in India 

SMPP server is the pivotal entity in SMPP architecture. This unit acts as the central system in trans-reception of bulk SMS and often is exposed to millions of incoming and out-going short messages at any given instance. Better put, this entity works as middleware between a business application and the wide-spread network of mobile operators. MsgClub is a well-known SMPP service provider institution based in Indore that offers its business clients lowest SMPP server price in India. With advanced algorithms provided by this institution, the entire SMPP system is utmost simple to setup yet ensures best performance and accuracy. 

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