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Posted by AngeloEverton on February 13th, 2012

 Living in the New York City area and having trouble with your relationship?  Chances are that that trouble will persist if you do not do something about it. It might start to grow and destroy the relationship - trouble is like a monster waiting to spring.  Those who seek out couples therapy NYC are facing that monster head on and conquering it.  Those who seek out couples counseling Marin do the same thing.  No sense in pretending that there is not a monster in the room, as many couples do when they start to experience communication breakdown.  It is always the same.  They ignore the problem until it gets so bad that it takes over.  Like a monster in the room, it starts to become increasingly threatening. 

People do not realize that there has been communication breakdown right away.  Many of those who go to couples therapy NYC or couples counseling Marin will go because something drastic has happened.  They are breaking up.  And often, that means that there is someone else in the picture.  This is what you want to avoid, but even if this is the situation, couples therapy NYC or couples counseling Marin can help and are advised. When a third party enters the picture, it is still not too late for the relationship to work.  Those who think that solving problems with relationships is to just get new relationships are making a big mistake.  There are always problems whenever two people get together.  It is best to do what you can to make it work, at the very least you will learn something about yourself and avoid the same trap in the future. 

Couples therapy NYC and Couples counseling Marin does work for those who are committed to saving the relationship.  Saving a relationship is something that people should do as both parties had a hand in doing harm to the relationship.  They both participated in communication breakdown and did nothing to stop it.  The more they go to the counseling, the more they not only learn about the other person but also themselves.  Much of this may come out at the counseling session for the first time.  By doing this, you fix what is broken in your own life and how you view relationships. You hope that the other party does the same and that the two of you can, with effective communication, get back to where you were when you became a couple.

There was something that drew you together them and that can draw you back together now.  In fact, when someone goes through the couples therapy NYC or couples counseling Marin, they tend to have a stronger relationship than they did before.  This also gives them more awareness about their own actions and reactions and how to effectively improve their own communication skills.  Sure, there are times when people can just not work it out, but they should give it a try.  After all, if we just go through life tossing away anything that bothers us a bit, we end up with nothing.

Instead of not simply giving up on your relationship just because it’s hit rocky patch, it is far better to try couples therapy NYC first. To findcouples counseling Marin, go to Relationship Counseling Center.

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