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Non- Leaching compound increasing the effectiveness of the earthing system

Posted by jmv001 on December 24th, 2019

The immediate discharge of fault current that happen to occur can be discharged into the earth’s conducting part so that the personal and equipments are kept safe from the occurred amped up voltage.This discharging of fault is via a low resistant path provided using a conductor dug deep inside the earth which connects the equipments.

Electrical earthing is a mandatory and the oldest practice which is done to avoid electrocution or equipment damage. This safety provision is the most important aspect of electric network which is practiced since our older days. There has been advancement in the earthing technology to overcome the disadvantages associated with the system.

The earthing system consist of conductor surrounded by a soil enhancing material. Conventionally, earth pit consisting of the conductor was filled with salt and charcoal mix to increase the conductivity of the soil. But, a major demand for such a system is that it should retain moisture to render the service. For the moisture retention in the conventional technique, you need to water them at regular intervals. Watering of this installed setup can degrade the system in a shorter period of time. Which can wash away the backfill compound leading to system serves no purpose.

Working on this aspect, Earth enhancement compound came into existence which is thermally and electrically conductive element. Ensuring the long life of the conductor, slurry of earth enhancement compound is poured into the earth pit for enhancing the soil conditions. At times, number ofgrounding rods connected are not adequate to attain the required resistance value and hence earth enhancement compound is added to improve this aspect.

JAM LITE-Earth enhancement compound is a carbon based compound containing of 95% carbon. Compliant to IEC 62561-7 and IEEE 80 the compound is also stated a mandate in NBC 2016. It maintains the soil resistance even in drastically dried areas.They are all widely used in various industries.

JMV has a collection of earth enhancement compound as below
•   JAM Plus
•   JAM Lite
•   JAM magic

Features of JAM LITE
•    Improving conductivity
•    Retaining moisture
•    Retarding the corrosion factor
•    Increasing the life time of the system

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