The Best Pole Saw for Every Yard, a Buyer's Guide

Posted by john kabir on December 24th, 2019

The top for hobbyists: DIY enthusiasts and small craftsmen will not be able to find a band saw with better performance than this, designed to offer the best performance in metal cutting, at a hobby level.

Powerful and precise: It has the remarkable power of 1,200 watts and cuts metals effortlessly and incredibly precisely, thanks to the solid cutting guides.  Best Pole Saw 

Versatile: The dimensions allow it to be comfortably placed on a bench of any type with the smallest footprint, and to easily load it on a vehicle to be transported when needed, and used for outdoor work.

Cost: Again we are faced with an excellent band saw, but the high price of which limits access to only the most demanding hobbyists and craftsmen.

The considerable price of professional band saws must absolutely not act as a deterrent; not only are the machine's performance and structural quality superior, the technology they employ is also superior. In fact, all high-end models are equipped with new electromagnetic induction motors, which for the same power output consume half the electricity and offer the additional advantage of not requiring any type of maintenance or periodic replacement of parts.

For a simple DIY enthusiast, however, such equipment is disproportionate in all aspects, starting with the purchase expense. If the needs are exclusive of the hobby type, then, the market offers a wide choice of models in the cheaper range, the cost of which can range from around 100 to 200 euros depending on the model.

As you can see, the expense for an economic band saw is easily accessible for anyone, but the models belonging to this range suffer almost all from poor attention and quality as regards the assembly and finishes of the various components, depending on the model therefore, you may come across rather ballerinas and inaccurate cutting guides, or in the lack of clear instructions on how to adjust the machine or even in second choice manufacturing materials, not very resistant and more subject to oxidation and wear.

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