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Posted by john kabir on December 24th, 2019

For the more experienced hobbyists and artisans who have managed to create a small market for their creations, however, we strongly recommend moving towards the intermediate price range. The expense to be incurred for a medium level band saw goes from 250 to 500-600 euros, so it is still quite demanding, on the other hand, however, the machine is characterized by an assembly and a higher quality, consequently, the precision and performance offers are of a good standard and further improve as you reach the top of the range. The mid-range band saws for expert craftsmen and hobbyists, Best Pole Saw 

However, with a view to occasional and non-intensive use of the tool, economic band saws offer a good level of performance, especially if you do not have big needs.

The further advantage offered by the models of the medium segment is their specificity of use, which helps to contain the tool costs; some are particularly suitable for cutting metal, in fact, while others are suitable for wood and plastic; in some cases, moreover, it is not uncommon to have the opportunity to find a mid-range saw equipped with an induction motor such as the high-end professional ones, such as the Metabo we have previously examined.

The mid-range band saws, therefore, are optimized to offer maximum performance even with an intensive workload but are naturally limited in terms of frequency of use, since they cannot cope with an intensive work rate with regular frequency, like the professional models used in the industrial sector.

The band saw is a tool originally designed for woodworking, specifically for cutting large logs in order to obtain beams, boards, and pieces of various sizes intended for further processing or for use in the construction field.

Today's band saws are more advanced than the first specimens introduced on the market; advances in technology, energy, and materials, in fact, have greatly expanded the versatility of use of these machine tools, and are able to cut not only wood but also other materials such as plastics and metals.

The applications of the band saw are therefore manifold, and if to cut a material or the other it is enough to simply change the blade mounted by the machine, its dimensions instead limit its intended use.

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