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Posted by Employn Deploy on December 24th, 2019

On reading the profile's name for the first time, anoffice manager jobcan seem like a vague role. However, it is a position of responsibility that commands a lot of respect and admiration.


Most company's look for someone to be able to look after the smooth and efficient running of the office. Thus, anoffice manager jobis not only managerial but also administrative. The kind of work that you are expected to do will probably include supervising training for staff, greeting visitors and answering phones, ordering supplies, and producing reports and correspondence. Thus you can see that there are a variety of tasks that fall under this role usually.


To be a successful office manager, you will need two kinds of skill set- the technological and the managerial. In regards to the first, you will be expected to be efficient in Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and other software that you might need. In regards to the second, a company will look for leadership skills, conflict-management skills, professional communication skills, etc.


The best part about this profile is that any organisation that has an office needs an office manager. This means that once you have considerable experience, you get to work in the field of your choice. You can work in an NGO, at a hospital, in a government office, at a start-up, or even at a university!


Other responsibilities of an office manager can include answering correspondence, coordinating the staff and the distribution of office resources, organizing and planning events, attending workshops and networking, keeping management in the loop, delegating work, overseeing project guidelines, sending updates, implement office policies and rules, amend office culture and manage relationships with vendors.



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