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Posted by Employn Deploy on December 24th, 2019

Gone are the days when you would physically walk into an office space, or open up the newspaper, to apply for a job. Like everything else in our lives, most application processes have moved online. However, this also means that applicants need to be more attentive and stay alert while they apply job online.




If the salary is important to you because you have various responsibilities, always focus on how the company has mentioned it in their call for applications. Is it a particular starting number or a range? A particular number or a small range gives you a much better idea of what you might get than a wide range, as you could otherwise end on either the higher or lower end of that salary spectrum. In such a case, if you choose to apply, you should make sure to use whatever communication channel you have with the company to get the real number based on your particular qualifications and skill set.



When you apply job online, you do not get the experience of the company culture first hand. Yet, the process of evaluation can give you very clear hints as to how a company functions. For example, what kind of interview do they schedule as the second step of the selection process? If it is a telephone interview, it could be a more relaxed work environment, while a skype interview could signal more expected professionalism as you would be expected to wear formals. Many companies also only accept walk-in interviews, which could signal how seriously they take their company culture and want to know whether you fit in.




The seriousness of a job posting is also something that you need to be able to evaluate. Sometimes, companies fail to update already fulfilled posts or only post a job opening as a way of advertising. Looking for signs like an 'apply by' date that hasn't yet passed, an email ID that quickly responds to your queries about the posting, and a clear sign that previous posts by the company have been updated when they have been filled, are sure to help you evaluate this.



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