Decorate Teen's Room by Custom Wall Posters

Posted by crade lem on December 24th, 2019

Decorating the bedroom for your teenager that looks cool yet stylish when compared to the rest of your home is a tall order. The room should have enough storage to hide stray shoes and after school mess. It should be functional enough to cope up with electronics and homework. You want this room to last longer because the decoration is not cheap. Do not worry, here we come with some decorating tips that will set you up for success.

1. Pick a neutral paint color

Teenagers tend to change their favorite colors or things after a while. So if your teen kid’s favorite color is blue, it might change to some other color after a few months. When you select the color for their bedroom, pick something that is neutral so that you have a blank shade on which you can incorporate their new favorite colors as they grow up. Colors like whites, different shades of Grey and creams are all amazing bases that can be dressed up or down with different colors and materials.

2.Maximize space and storage

Extra space and storage is truly a blessing in the bedrooms of teenagers and other children. It will provide them endless opportunities to hide away the mess, clutter, and toys in just a few minutes. You can try to put a triple-tiered side table, vertical solutions such as floating hooks and shelves. If your teen prefers to keep things neat and tidy, you can install open shelving in their room. This will provide them an opportunity to display their favorite sports trophies, trinkets, and other personal items.

3. Choose a theme

This is one of the most important steps in decorating any bedroom. When it comes to choosing the theme to decorate the bedroom of your teen kid, you need to do a lot of brainstorming. Ask your child what do they like or feel about their personal space. Whatever theme they choose, work out the kinds of colors, materials (like linen, cotton, sheepskin, hides, leather or rugs) and accessories that would suit that theme.

After you both have decided on the theme, you need to dress the room. Add some finishing touches to the room. Get some wall posters of your kid’s choice and make sure they complement the theme set for the bedroom. If you do not get the desired wall posters, you can also get cheap custom posters online. Other than this, visit a few affordable retailers and get blankets, cushions, curtains, and beanbags of their choice.

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