What Are The Types of Orthodontic Treatments?

Posted by Jude Moore on December 24th, 2019

There are various types of orthodontic treatment provided by dentist to help the people in treating their orthodontic issues and maintain oral health. Here, in this article we have explained different types of orthodontic treatments. So, lets discuss them in detail.
Extractions: Sometimes the tooth get damaged completely and extraction is the only solution. Sometime the permanent teeth may also be required to remove to save other teeth from similar issues.
Bonding: The treatment of bonding is used to repair the that that are decayed, fractured, broken and discoloured or in case there is gap between the teeth. To help the patients the dentist provides procedure of mixing composite and resin which is a type of plastic that is used to tent the mixture to make the teeth white. Different types of layers are applied to the resin and tooth. After application each layer is harden under the ultraviolet lights. Then in the final step shaping of the teeth is done including polishing to gibe natural look to the tooth. In case you want to build up your older teeth then bonding can also be done to give natural look to your teeth. For people belonging to different age group bonding is the best solution as resin can be replace after teeth is grown.
Braces: The braces are defined as treatment type used to improve the look and feel of the face by correcting misaligned, crooked and broken teeth. The main task of braces is to straighten the teeth by applying pressure on the teeth. The problem of overbite, underbite can be treated with the help of braces treatment.
Bridges and Implants: To replace the missing tooth bridges and implants are two ways to do that. These are small teeth placed at the leftover space between the teeth. The bridges are made up of two crowns placed on the teeth near to the false tooth. It is defined as artificial roots that re placed to support replacement teeth.
Crowns and Caps: a crown is defined as a cap that is placed on the tooth to cover the space. The original cap of teeth gets damaged and at the place of that cap or crown is used to cover the inner material. The cap is prepared by the dentist and one must give size of the cap to allow your dentist to make it. The material used for making crown is metal, porcelain. These crowns start looking like your natural teeth and is best solution for front teeth. So, in case you are looking for Waverly orthodontist or orthodontist in Waverly then you can search online to find the one.
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