The Benefits of Having a Vanity Number

Posted by Telephone Digits on December 24th, 2019

In our daily day-to-day lives, there are times when we come across numbers that start from 1-800. Have you ever wondered how these numbers could be of any use to someone? What are these numbers exactly and what is their significance? Well, these are some burning questions that need some answers and we will do exactly the same for you. These numbers we are talking about are known as Vanity Phone Numbers and are pretty special and quite easy to remember. And in case you are wondering about their existence, these numbers have been around for almost a decade and there are numerous businesses that have benefited from these vanity numbers. Use of these unique and lucid looking numbers is a trend worldwide as it has helped business owners to grow their territory into empires! Basically, these are premium versions of toll free numbers and the dial codes can vary from country to country. For example, countries like The US and Canada have vanity numbers that begin with 844, 855, 866 and so on. But the vanity numbers starting with 1800 are universal toll free numbers that can be used from any part of the world.

Having a set of vanity numbers can be beneficial for your business as there are some solid advantages that come from the use of these numbers. Listed below are some benefits of having vanity numbers for your business. Let’s get started.

  1. Ease in remembering: This is the primary reason why people these days opt for vanity numbers in the first place. These numbers are easy to remember as compared to the normal toll free numbers. For example, a vanity number in the format 1-800-Brand Name will tell people about what your business and the services that you are offering.
  2. The Professional Look: When it comes to presentation, vanity numbers leave a long lasting impact on the customer, giving your business a more sophisticated and professional look as compared to your competitors. The boost that you get in your market presence by means of a vanity number is simply huge.
  3. Significant increase in customer interaction: Use of vanity numbers can cause a significant rise in customer interaction, found as per a recently conducted survey. The number of incoming calls can increase by over 200 percent when you use vanity numbers in place of an ordinary toll free number.
  4. Keeping track of marketing efforts: Use of vanity numbers is an excellent way to keep a track of your business’s marketing efforts. Reason being, you can allot different vanity numbers to different advertisement campaigns. This will allow you to analyze the areas that are performing well and those areas too that need significant improvement.

Due to the above mentioned benefits, it is a good idea to have vanity 800 numbers in your arsenal if you own a business that needs to thrive. Purchasing vanity numbers online is very easy and there are telephone number providers that can offer you the best vanity numbers to suit your business. We wish you luck with your future endeavors. May the “Vanity numbers” force be with you.


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