Why does Pu-erh tea Yuechen Yuexiang?

Posted by naturalpuerh on December 25th, 2019

Time is the best gift to attributed the pu-erh contents and aged scent. As our specialty tea, it has unique natural earthy odor and herbal aroma,soup color is dark red like red wine,warm but smooth flavor are its most attraction. We believe that Pu-erh is alive since it can do self-change with time, the longer the time rolls on, the more it will make you surprise.

There is a saying in the countryside, the century-old wine is ten years old, which means that after years of aging, the wine will gradually mature, and the taste of the wine will also change. It tastes refreshing and refreshing, and has a long aftertaste.

Why does Pu-erh tea Yuechen Yuexiang?
In fact, the core of really good Pu-erh tea is "more and more fragrant." "The more fragrant" is two topics, the more old it feels is more about the length of time, the more fragrant is the texture.
So how does the finest Pu-erh tea make it?
There are generally three questions or three standards.

first, timing.
The longer it takes, the more things it creates. When I made black tea, such as those from Anhua and Liubao, some black teas could be kept for ten, fifteen years or more. These tea companies would print the date and production date on the packaging. When I was drinking, I felt that the long-lasting tea did taste different in taste, softness, aroma, soup color, and rhyme.
Time is a good friend of food. That's right. Many foods are fermented and produce unexpected results.
Yuechen feels that it is the biggest representative of black tea and Pu-erh tea, but green tea is not fermented, it may be, maybe I have not tasted it.

Second, qualitative sublimation.
We said above, the more Chen is time for Pu-erh tea, the more fragrant it is? It is the sublimation of quality, such as the aroma of puer tea, the color of the soup, and the color of the tea surface. The most direct manifestations of these are tea soup and fragrance of tea. There are nearly 50 kinds of aromatic substances in the Pu-erh tea just processed. So many aromatic substances make people smell very complicated and not easy to taste. But over time, the aromatic substances in it will decrease to about eight, so the long-lasting Pu-erh tea is better to drink.

Therefore, the true meaning of "Yuechen Yuexiang," the scientific explanation is the chemical reaction of tea polyphenols, tea saponins and caffeine and other components under the action of enzymes.

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